How Dog’s Help with Depression – Dog Medicine with Julie Barton – FB LIVE

Does your dog help with depression?

Welcome to “Dog Medicine” – My interview with author Julie Barton.

I know many of you are big animal lovers, dog-lovers in particular. Well, you are going to LOVE this interview and you will equally love my friend and her book. Julie Barton is the author of Dog Medicine – How My Dog Saved Me from Myself and today we are talking about the important role of dogs in healing so many sufferers of trauma, depression and anxiety.

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How Dogs Help with Healing

One of the big things we do when we are struggling emotionally is we isolate ourselves. We worry that we’ll annoy people or burden them by being too needy, so we pull back from relationships. We also worry that we’ll be judged negatively by others, so we create distance to protect ourselves from being hurt. But, isolation contributes to unhappiness. Fortunately, dogs bridge this gap. Their unconditional love and loyalty can often cut right through all these heavy, negative stories we tell ourselves.

Dog Medicine is Good Medicine

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You Deserve to Heal, Dogs Want to Help

When we’re feeling depressed and anxious, we feel unlovable. We tend to question our worth. But if we can muster just a tiny bit of willingness, opportunities to heal will begin to show up. Connections with animals are soul connections and, for many of us, it is often easier to start opening our hearts to a pet like a dog or a cat than it is to other human beings. This is especially true for those of us who have suffered some kind of trauma or abuse. Our love feels safer with animals oftentimes, and when we feel safe we can begin to heal.

Share Your Healing Story

How were you helped by a pet or other animal? How would you describe the connection? Would you recommend it for others? I’d love to hear your story. Please share in the comments below.

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