The Essence Of Who You Are By Joy Holland

So many people who believe that there is divine in our essence, have so much trouble seeing it in themselves. There is a lot of “guck” in there clouding the view. That guck is a whole lotta negative voices, limiting beliefs, and self doubt.

Today I have a special treat for you…Joy Holland of Facets Of Joy sheds light on the “how” and the “to” by explaining how she opened to the essence of who she is…

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The Essence of Who You Are

joy holland on heal now and forever be in peace

May you remember that the essence of who you are is Divine.

While this sounds amazing in words, what would it truly feel like to live the expression of this affirmation?

Perhaps the truth of what heart holds as a reflection of Divine differs from person to person, but the energy of Divine is that of infinite possibility, regardless of external form.

For years, I felt incredibly uncomfortable centering into my Divine roots. I felt Divine was “perfect”and I knew with certainty I was not perfect (and I was consistently reminded by external).

However, my current experience within practices of presence is that the moment I choose to center into the feel of Divine, I feel Divine Perfection.

This means, in a practical, here-on-earth-sense, that I often experience the joy of placement of the most well-fitting (one might say perfect) person, resource, opportunity for that moment, simply because I opened to the possibility of my essence being divine.

How do we open to the possibility, through doubt and fear—often in less than optimal external?

By choosing to explore the heart expression asking for space, time and energy.

Divine essence

As you consider this reflection, there are a few points I would like to share:

Mind is a powerful tool; when used in collaboration with heart, everything is truly possible. In the above I shared this phrase “I knew with certainty”. When I think I know something, I wrap that thought in love and gratitude which energetically removes the limitations. When we focus our attention and train our thoughts to that which enlivens, enriches, expands we are vesting whole-body integration, making movement easier and even fun.

May you open your heart to feel the abundant joy, wonder and beauty within you.  ~Joy Holland 

We choose where we place our being. When I was in less than optimal external, I continued to experience “not perfect”. When I wish to experience possibility, I focus upon vesting energy to that which nourishes, supports, inspires my entire being.

It is when we focus our attention on enlivening and choose to vest our energy in nourishing, we feel comfortable and safe (peaceful) in the midst of any external. We feel perfect in that moment, as we are, as it is. Also, we feel the reality of infinite possibility, regardless of what we have experienced in the past.

We remember that the essence of who we are is Divine.

As you consider this reflection in your life, what is your experience with your Divine roots? And, what enlivens and enriches your being? (When you share, it affirms and inspires!)

Much peace and abundant love,



Joy Holland is an Intuitive Empath, Energy and Clarity Facilitator who shares the gift of presence to magnify your inner brilliance. Also, Joy is the founder of Facets of – a community where exploration is encouraged and heart whispers are affirmed and supported.

Find her on Facebook: Facets Of Joy and Twitter JoyChristin.

18 thoughts on “The Essence Of Who You Are By Joy Holland”

    1. Kelly,

      I am so glad that you like the concept of engaging mind while heart opens – very empowering practice to use! I wonder if you might share a practical way in which you can use this in your life…giving us a glimpse of your “how this might work in life” affirms and inspires for each of us.

    1. Beverly,

      Yes! I think we all identify with your words. There are times when new (and even “old”) feels uncomfortable and scary…in my experience, it is a wonderful practice to hold space for that time; to simply observe and allow the feeling to unfold completely, which eventually evolves to inner peace.

      My intention is not to change something/someone, it is to remind us to invite Divine even into that uncomfortable, scary space. So that we can feel uncentered, off-balance, yet Divinely so…which naturally opens heart and mind to possibility and peace, regardless of external.

  1. ****Mind is a powerful tool; when used in collaboration with heart, everything is truly possible.***

    I like that sentence.

    What spurs me forward is knowing God has a plan for me…is knowing that the possibilities are endless…is knowing I do not need to do it all on my own.

    This gives me hope. Thank you! x
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Tattoo’d LadyMy Profile

    1. My Inner Chick,

      What a powerful and empowering affirmation you have shared with us:

      God has a plan / possibilities are endless / I do not need to do it all on my own.

      Yes! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Just spent some time on your site. I love it. Very inspiring. Sometimes I struggle with “the process” of growing my business. I needed to re-learn that I am not separate from my Creator, but my head wants to tell me I am. Good stuff. Thanks
    Lisa Neumann recently posted..Progress—at my houseMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Lisa!

      May I ask, what within the process of growing your business do you struggle with? So many people share these struggles, so you are absolutely not alone with that, but the answer is custom to each person. In my experience with my business, I honor presence to unfolding within organic growth. Which means that at the beginning, the work was internal (in me, and my site) really taking the time to prep the soil (my typo said soul–that too!) and create the foundation of my site. Then taking the time to connect genuinely. Then planting seeds, pulling weeds. Then…came the blossoms. *And* that cycle continues…so the blossoms signal the time to prep the soil again…go back and work on the site…etc. Sometimes in the moments we think nothing is growing, it just means we can’t externally see the “results” but if we keep vesting presence, external blossoms. (Meant to be encouraging).

  3. It really is about being open to the possibility isn’t it?
    Your words took me there, to that place of possibility. I’m feeling centred, supported and alive.
    Thank you!

    1. Kirri,

      It is *really* about knowing, feeling and being the infinite possibility that you are. We can ease into that by celebrating infinite possibility in world, allowing it to reflect to us all that we are, as we explore tapping into the energy by connecting and creating with it.

      I love the enthusiasm in your words! My heart is smiling for you…I wonder what you will create, what is possible for you, in these moments you feel it! How fun!

  4. Nice to meet you Joy and I enjoy your thoughts with finding the divine within us. I must admit sometimes I see the good in others (even when they don’t see it) and I try to encourage them to be better people while I forget to live my own words of encouragement. I do believe that each day is meant to grow and continue to put only those positive thoughts in it and I’m grateful for the opportunity to chose that.

    Much light and peace to you both!

    1. It’s nice to meet you, too, Kimberly–light and peace to you!

      It is a gift to see the good in others, and to reflect that to them–thank you for sharing that gift! It tends to be typical among healers and those who serve to forget the step of turning that clarity and compassion inward, so knowing we forget is the first step, and incorporating a practice of remembering is the second step.

      When we remember the Divine within, and the Divine external, we are honoring “imperfection” as is, so we are naturally feeling and celebrating *wholeness* which is peaceful and empowering. Thank you for being aware that you have a choice, and for choosing to amplify positive!

    1. Monica,

      What a wonderful, heart-led practice serving others by sharing encouragement and support is; thank you for sharing your presence as you do! May you remember to turn that loving-kindness inward and share with self as graciously and generously as you do with others (I know we sometimes become so focused on serving we forget to take care of self in the same way!)

  5. Hi Joy, thank you for a wonderful post.

    “When we focus our attention on enlivening and choose to vest our energy in nourishing, we feel comfortable and safe (peaceful) in the midst of any external.” I think I’m finally starting to get to this place, as I feel a new kind of resilience as of late. There have been times when I thought I was doing ‘something’ that was ‘good for my soul,’ but I think that on some level I was still convincing myself of certain things. I’m learning to let go, abandon preconceptions and really listen to my soul, and it actually does feel different even than, say, one or two years ago.

    Hugs to you and Jodi both.
    Laura Zera recently posted..Travel: Laos in Pictures, Part IIMy Profile

    1. Laura,

      Hugs back to you, thank you!

      I feel such enlivened energy reading your words – this is such a powerful affirmation *let go, abandon preconceptions, listen to soul*. Living from this space is living infinite possibility. I am delighted that you feel the shift, and so glad for you as you continue to create and connect!

  6. I am taken with the line, using your heart in collaboration with your mind. I do love it when the two sides of me are working toward the objective – and it is work. I think I have to literally stop, think, and then lock the two in a corner in my head, and then crack the whip.
    brenda recently posted..What Makes You Memorable?My Profile

    1. Brenda,

      When I first began practicing presence, these practices could (and often did) take all day…to stop, re-center, align, breathe…in the midst of “regular life”, they felt like work. Now, several years later, these practices don’t take as long and they feel joy-ful.

      In so many modalities we are asked to release mind, and I feel that release is a judgment of self…so instead focus on engaging mind in the details of learning and exploring, which is an appreciation and integration of self. Thank you for considering the concept! I hear the whip cracking *grin*.

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