The Healing Power of Breath

There is a healing power of breath. Breath has the capacity to heal every part of us, from physical, to the emotional, to the mental and spiritual. Breath is a great place to start your healing process because it is always with you. You can focus on the breath no matter what else you are doing.

Breathing slower and deeper gives cleans our nervous system, calming us on a physiological level and increasing our energy. Focusing on the breath can effect anxiety, anger or depression. It helps us take residence in our bodies and leave the chatter of our minds. And, in the breath, we can find our own divinity from the inside.

Healing power of breath

I copied the following benefits from


Gives you more energy. (chi, life force, prana, kundalini, elan vital, pneuma.)

Reduces mental and physical fatigue.

Reduces chest pains due to tight muscles, thus the tension causing anxiety of “heart attack potential” is reduced.

Aids in relief of many long term respiratory difficulties such as asthma and bronchitis.

Reduces need for artificial stimulants and many harmful prescription drugs.

Opens up the chest to make breathing easier and fuller which facilitates strengthening of the life force, emotional stability and mental clarity to feel more energetic, strengthen coping skills, increased positive energy, and strengthened sense of self.

Helps eliminate waste matter.


Improves blood circulation and relieves congestion.

Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. Major organs such as brain, and eyes need copious oxygen.

Eases the strain on the heart by increasing oxygen to the heart.

Helps increase the supply of blood and nutrients to muscle blood and bones.


Better breathing can calm or stimulate the nervous system, balance or unbalance brain hemispheres, depending on the technique.

Better breathing opens up and balances subtle energy systems affecting all the body.


Diaphragmatic action acts as a pump to massage the internal organs, aiding their *function. “Rest, digest, and heal.”


Helps push the movement of lymph throughout the body which helps eliminate toxic waste and strengthen the immune system.


Shallow breathing puts stress on other organs of elimination.

Better breathing can reduce edema (swelling of the body) by eliminating fluids through the breath.

*Massaging the kidneys for instance can cleanse the blood and tonify the entire system.


Given a complex carbohydrate diet, toxic CO2 waste is eliminated more directly through breath.

Wrinkles can be lessened due to improved circulation and blood oxygen flow.

Radiant skin is observable and eventually more pleasing to look at.


Relax deeper.

Look more rested.

Feel nurtured and accepted.

Become more connected with one’s deepest core sense of self.

Have more fun.

Open up more to more kindness and being loved.


Relaxes muscle spasm so as to relieve tension.

Releases and reduces muscular tension that eventually may cause structural problems.

Helps increase flexibility and strength of joints, so that when you breathe easier you move easier.

Facilitates stretching of connective tissue, because it prevents formation of adhesions and reduces the danger of fibrosis (stringy tissues).

It invites internal sensing of optimal posturing that maintains body balance so that it supports ease of breathing including CO2 elimination.

Helps to prevent muscle adhesions and fibrosity.

Can partially compensate for lack of exercise and inactivity due to habit, illness, or injury.

Able to recover faster from anxiety and exertion.

What is your favorite breathing exercise?
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4 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Breath”

  1. I am struggling to breathe, does it make sense? I have just had many medical tests. It is obvious to doctors that breathing is a very hard work for me at the moment. Tests didn’t show much about the reasons, but it only showed the fact.
    While i was reading this, i remembered the post of few days ago, about the environment where we live and its influence, so i felt like i was somehow refusing to breath and inhale all this negativity surrounding me? Just a thought, I don’t know.

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      I liked your comment. You are right on. Try this. Image you have a reed ( like snorkel) that can give you access to some clean, loving air way high above you. Just inhale through it, very slowly and gently. Exhale into the air around you. Make sure you exhale as much as you can.

  2. Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi

    Just wanted to share my own demonstration on the power of the breath and healing. After a divorce long ago, I had two distinct creases in my forehead from 17 years of scowling. I was guided to do deep breathing meditations while using two fingers to massage each crease outward, from the middle of my forehead. After two months (I kid you not) both creases were completely gone.

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