A Valentine’s Story: Your Kindness Healed Me

“Love Heals, Kindness Heals”  was first published on my Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog. It has received over 36,000 hits. I am glad romance still holds as much value to all of you that it does to me. Share if this makes you feel good! 

kindness healed me

“His Kindness Healed Me”

As often happens, I was brought to tears last night during a therapy session.

“When he asked me why I like him, I didn’t know how to put it into words.  All I could say was, ‘Your kindness healed me.'”

She began to judge that she couldn’t express her feelings. Her fear and self-doubt arose and she began to beat herself up at her lack of a good reply.

But I thought this was the sweetest compliment that I ever heard.

This couple, that I have been rooting for for a year (two kind, beautiful people with huge hearts, but who also suffer from desperately low self esteem due to past trauma) finally, finally let each other know they liked each other! The kind of love that sits quietly but continues from afar through all of those months is something special indeed, especially with self-doubt against them.

They have a soul connection if I ever saw one.

Feeling Unworthy of Being Loved

For months, she told me that she could never do it.  She told me that when she thought of telling him how she felt, she was overwhelmed by anxiety.

I knew he liked her, but not because I knew him and met him. I knew from the kindness she described. And I trusted her instincts better than she did.  Why wouldn’t I?  I have sat listening to her for almost two years as she recovered from a horrible abusive relationship and found her way as a single parent. And I have seen her be correct every time she assessed a situation.  She is always spot on. I had the distance to trust her that she didn’t have. Her anxiety got in the way.

Despite all of her negative self talk, there was some level that she knew he liked her.  But her second guessing was high and tormenting.  I knew this kind of conversation with him would wipe it away and I had been encouraging her for months.

Even through her insecurities, his kindness over the year gave her solace. It make her feel special and worthy. She healed.

“I don’t think I will ever tell him. It is just not me.” She once told me long ago. (Cue Brady Bunch trambone.) This is a limiting belief if I ever heard one. It’s amazing how our beliefs run our lives.

But beliefs can change and this is what heals us.  She finally did talk to him and it made a huge difference.  She had the biggest smile on her face and some of her fears seemed to drain away.

Believing that someone could love us, that we are worthy of love, can change everything.

Kindness (Love) Heals Us on All Levels

Kindness and love heals us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Read 5, 4, 1 Ways To Heal.


This couple got engaged and married this fall. they are still the cutest couple you ever did see! 

Tell someone how you feel. Don’t wait a year. Or even a day.

How would you feel if someone said your kindness healed them? Have you ever felt kindness healing you?

18 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Story: Your Kindness Healed Me”

  1. Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer

    That was so beautiful Jodi!

    Yes indeed, kindness does heal all, and just as the couple, who I hope and pray remain happy and together forever, I do strongly believe that that a soul connection DOES exist, just as I had mentioned in one of my posts too.

    I guess it all comes down to finding the one made for you and coming out of our own low times and getting together with them. I agree, don’t wait for the right time to say the right words, because time one lost never returns – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. That’s such a beautiful story, and blessings to that couple!

    Kindness does heal. It can even heal the little hurts that can add up over a day’s time. Just knowing that someone cares enough to be kind can have a healing effect on the heart. I’m thankful for my kind husband, who has helped to heal me in many ways.
    Tina Barbour recently posted..OCD and logic: an unworkable mixMy Profile

  3. Love this one Jodi. So many people have been hurt and traumatized from the past. Most of this happened during childhood when our awareness wasn’t full capable of understanding the big picture of things.

    Healing our wounds is something we all need to do if we are to become a healed world.
    Justin recently posted..Brain Evolution System ReviewMy Profile

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