How to Help Heal Someone You Love


help heal someone you love

You have a big heart and it hurts to watch the people you love suffer. You want to help heal them.  It’s also difficult to avoid getting caught up in their story and circumstances. You worry about them, of course you do and implicit in that worry is love and caring which is kind and beautiful. Beyond that, though, that worry is no longer serving either of you.

How can you help heal?

Here is something to keep in mind when your loved one is suffering: love them up to you instead of worrying down to them. Worry affirms their fears. It implies they might not be able to make it through. But you’ve seen your loved one triumph- you’ve witnessed them survive life’s ups and downs. Remind them of this. Believe in them. Love them up to their skills and abilities!

Love Up Instead of Worrying Down

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How to Heal Someone You Love – Help Heal!

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Here are four things to keep in mind when we want to help heal our loved ones:

  1. Validate – offer your understanding. “I get it. I have felt that way too.” It is so healing for people to hear this. It helps them let go of their negative feelings because someone else understands.
  2. Compliment – give some kudos. Let your loved one know how they’ve helped you, how their journey has inspired you. Compliment them on who they are. This works wonders.
  3. Appreciate – show your gratitude. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Help people feel appreciated for who they are and what they’ve don. This helps them feel worthy.
  4. Love – tell them how you feel. Show your loved one with words and affection how valued they are. This will go a long way to help heal them.

If they have anxiety – send them here – Anxiety Treatment.


How do you help heal the people in your life that need something?  Did anyone ever help you heal?

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