How to Stop Worry and Start Making Yourself Happy


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Stop Worry!

Got worry? This is synonymous with asking: “Are you human?”

Yes, we worry. We worry if we are good enough, smart enough, cool enough, healthy enough….When we care about something, we worry about something happening to it. When we feel happy, we worry about something bad happening. After crisis, we worry that we can’t handle it or that we’ll never see the light again.

Worry, worry, worry.

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When you are worrying you are focused on what might happen that is not in your control. (If you don’t trust yourself, even your actions are out of your control, so this increases your worry.)

Feeling out of control can really take a lot of you attention and really begin stress or even freak you out. It’s time to stop worrying.

This is what incessant worry is taking your attention from: The most important thing that YOU DO control in your life: You have control over how you respond to whatever happens to you. 100% of control over that actually. And what’s the best is that this response informs how content and at peace you are in your life more than what happens to you.

Worry focuses on what you can’t control; action focuses on what you can

  • What do you take from what happened?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Are you going to do something about it?
  • What do you think about yourself? 
  • What will you do for the people around you? 

Focus on what you can do, and stop attending to what you can’t.

Watch this video to see what I mean…

How to Stop Worry and Start Making Yourself Happy


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Focus on your power and you will feel peace.

Know that it wasn’t okay if someone did something hurtful. Watch this video to help let that go. Practice feeling your feelings, validate yourself, and release anything you’ve been holding on to, one at a time.

And, then, focus on what you can do right now, how you can think and all of the power you have to make your life the way you want to live it!

You deserve it!

Happy Soul Message

What are you going to focus on today?

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I came across a great article on 9/30/16 on NY Times, thought I’d share…
Teaching teenagers to Cope with Social Stress. Students reported increased confidence after completing an exercise to instill a basic message to manage tension – People can change. 🙂

Jodi Aman

Isn’t that incredible. I wish we all knew how changeable we are! x

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Another ‘ how you stop worrying’ article which doesn’t provide the details of how to. Frustrating to be told you need to stop worrying but give no tools to achieve that.

Jodi Aman

Keep watching my videos. I am a practical teacher and I repeat how to stop all the time. Anxiety is complicated and so I have many many videos. Also working privately with me is the fastest way to get the answers! And my book! You 1, Anxiety O – Win your life back from fear and panic on Amazon

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