Healing Trauma – Hope and Help for Women

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Healing Trauma is possible.

Trauma affects the mind, body and soul.

A history of trauma sometimes seems like a life sentence because the effects can be horrible and long-lasting.

But trauma recovery doesn’t have to last forever. Healing is possible. Sometimes when you are in the dredges of it, it doesn’t feel like it is possible. But that’s where people like Gayle come in. Gayle Suzanne sheds light on what you have been missing- basically that you are so hard on yourself – because that’s what prevents you from finding peace in your life instead of more trauma.

Gayle has been through it, got herself out and now she helps other woman. That’s why we decided to connect and have a conversation about how to help people.

You are going to want to watch this. I literally asked her if I could bottle up her ideas because I knew so many people who could use them.  You’re going to love her, too.

Here is what we cover:

1. Setting boundaries

2. Filling your love tank

3. Why is it so hard to love yourself?

4. How to clean out your relationships

5. Protect yourself from people you cannot trust.

6. How to shorten your suffering.


Healing Trauma – Hope and Help for Women

In today’s new video I interview life coach, author of It’s the Little Things, and motivational speaker, Gayle Suzanne! After the video if you want more from Gayle here’s her website: gaylesuzanne.com Enjoy!

Gayle Suzanne has transformed her pain to helping other women find self-love and healing in their lives. You’ll feel that hope through her words and spirit.


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You deserve to heal.

You deserve to take a compliment! Not be anxious. You deserve to set boundaries. And be gentle with yourself and LOVE yourself. It’s way past time to heal and create a life that you love.

When are you willing to invest in healing trauma?

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