Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach – Beyond Surviving Trauma – FB Live

Sexual Abuse Recovery – Beyond Surviving Trauma

I want you to meet my friend and colleague, Rachel Grant. Rachel is the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She is also the author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse. People love Rachel and her work because she ‘gets it’. She’s been there and she is moving beyond surviving trauma and abuse to truly thrive.

I have a special place in my heart for folks who are recovering from abuse and trauma and what I find so heartbreaking is how often they tend to blame themselves for what they’ve endured. When you experience trauma you sometimes wonder if you caused it somehow, or you’re left with a deep doubt whether or not something’s wrong with you. This makes you feel vulnerable to being hurt again. If it’s your fault that bad things happen, then you might conclude that you deserve to feel bad, in pain and fearful.

Don’t believe that for a moment. It’s time to break this cycle.

Moving Beyond the Trauma & Abuse

Rachel and I discuss the following in our interview:
-How we actually heal from sexual abuse and move forward with our lives.
-Ways we can we use this knowledge to make positive changes to relieve the pain of our pasts.
-How the brain impacted by trauma.

Beyond Surviving Trauma with Rachel Grant

Rachel also shares her daily self-care ritual to keep herself in joy!


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Beyond Surviving Means Being Happy.

If you take anything away from this interview, my hope is that you take away the fact that healing is possible!

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What are some of your healing rituals? 

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