Surviving Anxiety with Matt Pappas – FB LIVE

I want you all to meet Matt. He is going to talk to us about surviving anxiety. He’s been there and knows the way out.

Matt is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, and bullying and he chronicles his healing from dissociation, anxiety, and PTSD at his site, Surviving My Past. His brave, honest work is helping so many people!

Matt Pappas knows your pain. He knows what it’s like to feel stuck in the emotional moment- unable to move or breathe. He has also been through years of feeling alone and miserable. Shameful about his past, he’s been overcome with self-doubt that left him feeling worthless, powerless and hopeless.

But Matt has come out the other side.

How Matt is Surviving Anxiety

We all have dark days. For those of us struggling with anxiety, PTSD, depression etc, those days can be numerous and overwhelming. We weren’t given a road map at birth explaining how to navigate these troubling times, but we do have skills and knowledge that we’ve acquired over the years that we simply have to remember to use.

In this interview, Matt shares how he handles those dark days skillfully and with huge amounts of self-compassion. His tricks are simple enough to start applying them today, and he learned about many of them from my book!

He is such a sweet and generous soul, you are going to love him as much as I do!

Watch the LIVE broadcast of the radio show interview with Matt Pappas…

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Anxiety uses whatever it can to throw you off balance.

It doesn’t care about you. It will apparently stop at nothing, but that’s not true. Anxiety will stop at your self-confidence, it will stop at you knowing that you can handle anxiety and it will also stop at you trusting yourself. You have the skills to survive anxiety and I’d love to hear what they are! Let me know in the comments below.

What are your strategies for surviving anxiety?


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