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Counseling Jodi Aman

Most folks who see me for counseling report they are 90% better in less than 3 sessions.

Because we do deep mindset work, you’ll see transformation right from your Starter Session.

With me as your guide, that one meeting may be all you need to welcome in your freer, happier, calmer, clarity-filled life!


“In just a few minutes, Jodi opened my eyes to something I didn’t even realize I had been holding onto for years. She even made me realize the root of my problem had nothing to do with what anxiety attached to (which made me fear talking my problem out for years). That helped me overcome the fear to face the problem immediately. By the end of the session, Jodi had me actually laughing about anxiety.”  ~Kylie R.

Counseling can get you on the fastest, simplest, easiest path to great physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.


I help. It’s what I do.

♥ Anxious for years and yet have tried everything?  I can help!

♥ Anxiety came very recently and intensely and you want to get rid of it pronto? I can help!

♥ Depressed but can’t figure out why, or how to get better? I can help!

♥ Relationship problems? 

♥ At a spiritual, relationship, or career crossroads in your life? 

♥ Hope to ease the stress of divorce on yourself and your children? 

♥ Want to ease your child’s anxiety? Cheer a depressed teen? 

♥ Hoping to heal a broken heart? 

♥ Survived military combat or war as a civilian? 

♥ Want to leave the painful effects of trauma, abuse, or neglect behind? 

♥ Dealing with a chronic pain, illness or problem? 

Counseling can help!

Emotional pain turns into physical pain. They each are barriers to a happy life. Healing is possible with a shift in mindset.

Crises happen. You want to meet with someone to minimize the long term damage. This is one of my many specialties.

I am here for you.

When you’re faced with so many different options to get help for yourself and you don’t KNOW the perfect one, you may find it hard to take action on any of them. Don’t despair! I work with the whole you, integrating many of these options. A shift in belief is a shift in energy, and healing can happen physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually very quickly.

Let me help.

“I was concerned I wouldn’t get the “full” experience with my therapy session being over the phone. My concerns were unfounded. It was amazing and well worth it. Don’t hesitate to give Jodi a try–even if you can’t get to her location. She totally “gets it” and can find the root of the problem. She knows where your mind goes and where it needs healing! I look forward to her continued support as I work through my issues. And I truly believe she’s one of the best out there. ” ~A. L.

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Yes! I’m immediately available for counseling, consulting, business and life coaching, supervision, and spiritual direction.

I ALWAYS go above and beyond for my peeps, and you deserve every bit of that!

My convenient location is near 12 Corners in Brighton at 919 S Winton Rd. Rochester NY 14618. And I work with people on the phone or Skype from all over the world!

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been counseling a wide variety of people and reminding people how awesome they are!

As I get to know you and learn what a tenacious and unique person you are, I’ll be able to guide you on a path away from the problems you’re facing. You will leave our sessions feeling so light! And knowing that someone really understands and cares about you, I know you will be ready to take the next steps to start living the life you want and deserve.


You are right here, right now.

I believe that you are reading my counseling web page for a reason.

And since you found me, because someone told you about me, you read my book or watched a video a friend shared.

It has lead you here.

I take that as a sign, don’t you?

Change your mindset, change your life!

I LOVE working with kids, teens, adults, couples, and whole families.

“My boys (13 & 10) are having a rough patch in their lives. Jodi is very understanding and patient with them. I greatly appreciate everything she is doing! She is great at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone in need!” ~Alicia

“Jodi has helped me develop healthful and loving dialogs and gave me insight on how to rewrite my life story~ turning once tragic events into amazing journeys toward my authentic self.” ~Mary 

“Jodi is a wonderful counselor and I would recommend her to anyone going through a rough or stressful time. She has truly changed my life for the better.” ~Meredith E. 

“She has literally saved my life! When I first started seeing her I considered it to be my last chance at healing. She has certainly given me a new sense of Love and Light and helped me see my true self in ways I had never seen before.” ~Stanley

“Jodi is a beautiful soul who has helped me thru so much pain and depression in my life. She is nurturing, loving, patient, wise and a wonderful therapist. I have seen a few in my life, but Jodi is the one that I always was searching for. Thank God I found her!! She has made a positive effect on my life!!” ~C.V.

“I was struggling getting past an issue and feeling stuck. Jodi helped to break it down and identify what the fears really were and what was preventing me from moving forward. We came up with tangible ideas to move me gently through the fear. She is very kind, non judgmental and loving in her approach. Four days after our session I was able to implement one of the suggestions and amazing things began to happen! I am no longer feeling stuck.” ~C.G.

Counselor for the people

Kids rock!

Despite anxiety, sadness or navigating divorce, kids respond to our work swiftly and painlessly. One or two sessions and they are good to go!

Teens rule!

I love philosophizing with teens trying to figure out the world and deciding how to see themselves. Our conversations make them feel empowered and affirmed about the great skills they have in empathy, loyalty, and kindness. We talk eating disorders, relationships, self-harm, history of abuse, depression, cancer recovery, anxiety, world tragedies and anything that is on their minds.

Individuals are my hearts.

When I hear someone’s story, I can’t help but care. No matter what you are going through, you are always so much more amazing than you think you are. I can show you how to let go of doubt and worry, be more compassionate with yourself, and focus on your skills and abilities to create a life where happiness and joy is not a novelty. Even if you feel hopeless, it’s not too late. In counseling, we’ll generate hope. We can talk about whatever is on your mind.

Couples are my favorite.

I’m a hopeless romantic! I love love. Being happily married since 1998, I know the keys for an uplifting, engaging and fulfilling relationship. Having counseled couples for 20+ years, I know what can go wrong, how to fix it, and get you the motivation you need to put our plan into action. This is a place of non-judgment where you can talk about things you cannot talk to your friends about (i.e., sexual problems, intimacy, abuse). I’m here for you when you need to clear the air, work through old hurts, and rekindle the love that both of you desire.

Families inspire me.

The skills that they put forth to help and love each other blows me away every day. I am in awe. I start by hearing what you appreciate about each other and go from there. We take care of what might be dividing you and amp up getting you all on the same team. I can support you when there is illness, a divorce transition, conflict, loss, trauma, military experience, depression and/or anxiety.

“I only met Jodi once (last night), but I can tell she really cares by her facial expressions. She really understands how life-altering trauma is, and she didn’t blame me for what happened or how I coped with what happened. That’s huge for me.” ~B. W. 


Can I afford counseling?


This will be the best investment that you will ever make in your life.

It’s a small investment with BIG RESULTS.

Many other counselors’ therapy process takes longer. This not only increases costs (more copays, missed work, gasoline, time and schedule juggling) but also makes you suffer longer!

I see people on average 1-3 sessions*. (*Don’t worry, I am available as long as you need me! Some people do meet with me more than that!)

Transformational healing takes commitment and priority.

War, conflict, divorce, and problems cost so much money. Inexpensive help is undervalued and doesn’t propel people forward.

If only peace would cost as much, we’d have more of it! We HAVE to start valuing healing as much as we value our sweet coffee drinks and retail therapy, so we can make this world a better place (staring with making your life a better one)!

Sometimes problems have been going on for a long time and you don’t feel worthy enough to spend money on yourself to get help. You think that you ought to figure out how to get better on your own. You can waste months and years on what you think is intense effort but only amounts to you running your butts off on a hamster wheel – all the while negatively judging yourself more and more when you fail at healing. And you feel heavy and alone, and even more unworthy of getting better.

There are SO many hidden costs in not feeling good, mostly in career, family and work opportunities you miss because you can’t decide, don’t feel good, have too much doubt and insecurity. Or, the stress causes other problems in your physical body and in your relationships.

Get off the hamster wheel! Take your power back!

I used to take third party health insurance and over and over I’d see that the people who paid out-of-pocket were more invested in their healing. They moved faster to the emotional health they dreamed to have, and to the person who they wanted to become.  This is how I decided to give the POWER of this swiftness back to ALL my counseling clients and leave the insurance panels for good.

Now it’s your turn to make healing a priority.

I get you unstuck and moving along easily and painlessly! With over 20 years of training and experience counseling, coaching, teaching and healing the whole person, I deliver results.


“Jodi is amazing!!! She is understanding, non-judgmental, and she really cares!! I always feel better after talking with her.”  Rebecca W. 

There’s no short or long term commitment.

Book today to see your immediate results.

Ways to pay:

♥ Paypal, credit card directly, cash or check (in person).

♥ HSA (Health Savings Account cards work!) As I am a licensed clinical social worker, I can swipe your HSA card.

♥ Your deductible. Some insurance programs have a deductible to pay before your insurance kicks in. As I am a licensed clinical social worker, I can give you a receipt to submit and have our session go towards your paying down this deductible so that your insurance kicks in faster!

♥ Your out-of-network benefits. Many of my clients have great out-of-network benefits that they submit our receipts to. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out details!

Ready now? Sign up to receive an informational and intake email:

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Read this letter to your kids to tell them about me!


I am Jodi and I am a counselor.  Did you ever hear of a counselor? Like the ones in school? I am like that except my office is not in a school.

If you are reading this letter, you, your parents or someone else that cares about you suggested that you come and meet with me. Meeting new people is the best part of my job!  I love being a counselor because I am introduced to new people all the time!

Do you wonder what I do and why you are meeting with me?

I totally would! But I am curious about everything!

Well, maybe I can shed some light on it.  You see, kids, parents, (sometimes grandparents and friends) come and see me to talk about the things going on in their lives. For example, I meet with kids who may be worried about their parents’ separation or divorce, kids who may feel scared about going to sleep at night, leaving mom or going to school, kids who get teased by other kids, or feel sad sometimes or get angry sometimes and much more.

Kids and parents usually feel much better about things after we get together. This is the best part for me! I get to learn about your special skills in feeling better!

We try to have a little fun in the process.

My office looks like a living room. I’m not a doctor so no shots or white coats. Kids call me “Jodi.”

You can see my picture if you check out my website. And I can’t wait to see what YOU look like in a few days! 

If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.



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Welcome you to your freer, happier, calmer, clarity-filled life!