It’s the End of The World as We Know It and I Feel Fine!

The end of the world post is by Ivan Believeau.

Ivan is a friend and shapeshifter extraordinaire! He is rallying the people near and far to contribute to this world by making changes in their life by living happier, simpler, and more connected to the earth.

Is the Mayan 12/21/12 Prophecy the end of the world?

For the Quechua people, the indigenous people who live in the High Andes, time is divided into what they call Pachacutis.

A Pachacuti is roughly a 500 year interval. When it is said that the Mayan calendar ends in 12/21/12, it only means the end of a Pachacuti. It is the end of the Fourth Pachacuti and the beginning of the Fifth Pachacuti.

To understand what the Fifth Pachacuti will mean, it is important to understand the previous Pachacutis. In the Mayan mythology, the Third Pachacuti represented that of the heart. It was a time which humankind was open to all of nature, plants and animals.

Then, the Fourth Pachacuti, from about 1500 BCE until now, represents the pursuit of the intellect and the development of the mind. It was known before it even started that it was going to be a time of turmoil, of conflict, and of struggle. There was a surge in science, technology, and industry but a great conflict in the divide between indigenous and “civilized” cultures.

end of the world mayan calendar

End of the world

The end of the Fourth Pachacuti is not the end of the world…it is only the end of the world as we know it! This implies a very exciting possibility…that the world “as we know it” can be changed. The prophecy about the Fifth Pachacuti says this is a time of opportunity, where we can create a number of possible futures. That is why it is so important now to be awake, aware and in action.

There is opportunity of coming together in union, in partnership with our neighbors. The indigenous culture and the modern cultures can come together and help each other. A time when the condor (heart) and the eagle (head) (The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor) can fly together in the same sky, dance and mate. Creating a new balanced world.

Eagle cultures need to fully open their hearts to their natural environment while condor cultures can be introduced to the benefits of technological advances. We can help each other. As Americans, we need to open our hearts.

Open your heart

I wonder, what would be possible if everyone’s heart were fully open? Why is it so difficult? What are we afraid of?

We need to have the courage to open our hearts or wars, hatreds, greed, jealousies, old fears and the “blame game” will continue to dominate the human psyche.

I am glad the world as we know it is ending. I want a new world, where kindness and tolerance rule, people lead with love instead of fear, smile at their neighbors instead of locking their doors. The future of humans depends on us opening our hearts.

Can it happen? Is your heart open?

A big hug to Ivan for writing this piece for me! I love the idea of a world where kindness and tolerance rule! We’d have peace on every level. Learning about the Pachacutis put so much intro perspective for me and will have me taking action instead of living in fear. It is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning. 

11 thoughts on “It’s the End of The World as We Know It and I Feel Fine!”

  1. “The end of the Fourth Pachacuti is not the end of the world…it is only the end of the world as we know it! This implies a very exciting possibility…that the world “as we know it” can be changed.” i would like to think of it as the time to share love instead of hater, peace instead of war, but also compassion and knowledge 🙂

  2. Jodi, I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve read and seen too many articles and shows about the end of the world in this prophecy. I’m glad to see someone is telling the real story. And I’m with you. I’d love a new world with more kindness.

    1. I have spent time very afraid of this, too. See my other post Don’t Should On Yourself: Now I take action, do something to change it and then there is no use for the fear.

  3. I am so happy to read a positive spin on 2012. Just yesterday, I was hit with an overwhelming sense that 2012 was going to be quite epic – in a good way rather than in the doomsday way some spout off about. Thanks for the confirmation!

  4. Does anyone else think Fourth Pachacuti would make a great name for a rock band? (sorry for my irreverence)

    I think if we look to 2012 to be full of disaster, it will be, and if we look to it to be full of hope and change and good things, it will be. That’s where my heart and head are going.

  5. Nice article by Ivan Jodi. However, I would add that it is not just Americans that need to open their hearts. This is very much a global issue, the world is a big place. Peace 🙂

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