The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor- rebalancing feminine and masculine energy


“When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken.” Inca prophecy

There are many prophecies from indigenous cultures all over the world about this being a significant time in history. The indigenous Quechua people of the High Andes are no exception. My favorite is of the eagle and condor.

They believe, like the Mayans, that time is divided into pachacutis. A Pachacuti is roughly a 500 year interval. The fourth pachacuti was prophesied to be a time of conflict, of struggle, and of unbalance in the Americas. This pachaculti started in the early 1500’s, and we can see in retrospect that this prophecy has come into fruition. (Think “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”)

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Eagle and Condor

They liken this period of chaos to the energies of the eagle and condor.

They also consider the condor to be an environmental bird since it eats carrion, recycling what might otherwise be garbage. It is also considered by the indigenous people to be a spiritual bird. I hear it is magnificent to behold as it sores at amazing heights. It has the largest wing span of any bird alive which can be over 19 feet. Enduring awesome distances, the Quechua tend towards the belief that condors can shapeshift to new locations without even using its wings. The condor represents the heart, spirituality, feminine energy, oneness with the earth, and indigenous culture.

On the other hand, they consider the eagle to be a materialistic, regal bird that demands attention. It aggressively hunts its prey and it is prosperous — building a large, beautiful nest. Moreover, it represents the mind, privilege, material wealth, masculine energy and “civilized” culture.


Neither one of them are bad or good. In balance, there would be none of the chaos we see in the world today. However, out of balance, as it has been during the fourth pachacuti, it has proven to have created major consequences to humanity, to animals and to the earth. The balance between the two energies shifted in a major way so that the heart was subjugated and the mind was privileged. As prophesied, the eagle cultures have practically driven the condor cultures into extinction. Masculine energy has remained dominant and prosperity has been valued over living closely with the earth.

During this time, we, eagle cultures, have done amazing things with the mind. We have developed incredible technology and intellect, but it has been at the expense of our hearts–at the expense of the connection and peace the balance can provide.

Happy Soul Message

5th Pachacuti

It is now the dawning of the fifth pachacuti. The prophecy says that there is great opportunity for the eagle and the condor to come back together, flying and sharing the same skies, dancing in unison, joining the heart and mind, the spiritual and material, the masculine and feminine, the earth and heavens. Thus, re-balancing the world and calming the chaos.

But we cannot leave it to the birds! The birds are us, you and me. We need to balance the eagle and condor that is inside every one of us. Put aside the judgments of the eagle, give opportunity and prosperity to the holism of the condor. And, shift the power structures that hold the eagle dominant and the condor marginalized. We, eagle cultures can spend more time with our hearts, more time with the earth (A Walk in the Morning Sets the Whole Day Afire), more time with animals (Oh Deery Me! Deer= Me) more time on our spirituality– more time inviting, acknowledging and encouraging feminine energy.

And we will be so much better for it. The inner turmoil that so many of us feel, (many of us struggle with loneliness, feeling misunderstood, unloved, invisible), will go away. However, the eagle has been empty and alone without the condor– un-centered, and unconnected. This leads to feelings of guilt and unworthiness. (No matter what problem my clients have, once unpacked, they lead to these feelings.) We need to live more authentically from our heart, our feminine, our spiritual and our “connected to the earth” space to heal from this suffering.

“If there are clouds around your heart, watch them float gently, painlessly away as you smile, extend your hand and ask your neighbor to dance.Jodi Aman

What can you do today to invite the balance of the eagle and condor?

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Kelly Hashway (@kellyhashway)

Jodi, I learn so much from reading your blog. Great post!

Jodi Aman

Thank you! I learn so much writing it.

Nancy MacMillan

Jodi, Your words and thoughts are authentic. Thank you for giving hope to many.

Jodi Aman

Nancy, this is so kind! My hope is eternal.


Jodi, indeed we need to balance the eagle and the condor. The problem is many of us try to hard to stifle one or the other, not realizing that both are needed if we are to reach that delicate balance that leads to great harmony. I loved reading this post! So instructive, lady! 🙂

Jodi Aman

Bella, you totally rock! Thanks for the compliment.

Fi Philllips

New to your blog. What a great post. I constantly search for balance. It’s good to take a moment to read a calming post like this.


Maybe not a lot today (too pooped) long drive to grandmother’s house, but normally when I am losing site of my core (which, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear) sometimes happen, I stop whatever I am doing and try to breath. I know it’s better to stay in harmony with yourself and the universe at large, but sometimes life just gets unruly. I like coming here and reading.. peaceful.


“What can you do today to invite the balance?”
I can close my eyes not to see the clouds and Trust my guides. Ignore the thoughts that are telling me that I “struggle with loneliness, feeling misunderstood, unloved, invisible” and open my heart in order to see the neighbor who is inviting me for a dance.

I come regularly to this post just to read your quote at the end whenever I feel sad.
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