Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness

A year ago, I decided to do something to nurture my soul. Go to Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness Retreat. Working hard to build my practice, study and teach Narrative Therapy, and attend to my family and home, I had been neglecting myself. I looked for a retreat that allowed me to pause my hectic life and spend time inside my heart rather than in my head.

While at the same time supported my mission to help others. Eventually, I signed up for a course at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. Starting with a weekend program: Shapeshifting Consciousness with John Perkins, followed by a week long workshop (A.K.A.”play”shop) with him and Llyn Roberts, I jumped into my inner self and danced with Spirit for a while. It exceeded expectations and reflecting back now, I wonder.Β Did the teachers or time with Spirit make it a special week? Yes.

Omega Lake

About the Shapeshifting program

The program was structured around Guided Journeying (meditations). Each beautifully building on the next, where we traveled to sacred places within our souls to receive information and energy from the Spirit world, bringing it back to the physical world to exact some change in ourselves, (i.e., a physical or emotional healing) or in our world (i.e., a commitment to carpool so as to decrease our carbon footprint.) On the journeys we connected to earth and cosmic energy and learned about ourselves and others. We found understandings to previously perplexing problems. We rejoined lost parts of our soul, and met new spirit friends and teachers. And, we made ceremony so our learnings were sustained. In between journeys, we shared stories, communed with nature, and ate mung beans. Generally, we had a lot fun being silly about it all.

Did you ever feel as though something was orchestrated just for you? You feel that because you were meant to have a particular experience? This is how the seven days felt. Like I was supposed to learn what I learned in the way and order I learned it, since I would understand it better that way. Also, I had experiences that brought something up that was part of my next lesson. As if a situation was placed before me to confuse me and unravel me. So the next day, I could learn what I had to in the journey that I wouldn’t have learned without that situation. And it felt as if I was supposed to meet the people I met. (I even met a doctor who taught me about Lyme Disease, which has coincidentally helped me so much this year with clients with Fibromyalgia.)

My Experiences

In fact this whole year following the workshop has felt orchestrated. The energy and work that I did at Omega last summer catapulted me onto a fast pace journey into the fall, where everything was a learning experience.

In general, I am a happy, cheerful and optimistic person. It could be the narrative therapist in me, (or perhaps what attracted me to narrative therapy in the first place). My eternal hopefulness. Actually, I was in the best emotional state of my life. Β On the first weekend, I felt free, expanded, and blissful and confident that there would never be anything for me to complain about ever again. Just for good measure, I prayed to see whatever else was blocking me from God-Consciousness (even though I did not see it now) so that I may let that go, too. Committing to the shapeshift in whatever form it came, I set an intention to release whatever else kept me feeling separate, guilty or afraid.

The shapeshifting connection

Spirit honored my request this year, showing me issues I had long forgotten. (Be careful what you wish for…) I fell hard, but I am so much better for it. Sometimes it is not so easy to see these things. But the arduous lessons gave me opportunity to heal old emotional wounds and feelings about myself. I had been holding them since childhood. Difficult as it was, I had to see these feelings in order to release them.

The strength and connection to Spirit that I made during the workshop was paramount to this process by giving me endurance to forge ahead. Understanding that my own intention set the wheels in motion. And, knowing that I had tremendous spiritual support allowed me to welcome this “coming back to myself”, rather than fear it. After a grueling while, I requested that my lessons remain effective, but be brief and gentler and they were. (Did you know you can do this?)

My shapeshifting takeaway

It was a worthy experience where my ‘play’shop-mates and I benefited on many levels. Besides the bonus of staying on Omega’s campus, (where their environmentally friendly attitude is an inspiration), eating wonderful vegetarian food and having access to a beautiful landscape, kind staff, yoga, tai chi, mediation classes, lectures and performances, the Shapeshifting workshop was so fun! It healed us, taught us how to help others heal, had us laughing and playing, encouraged us to express ourselves, infused hope in our hearts, relieved us of feeling alone on the journey and gave us needed tools to take the next steps in our life. Higher Consciousness is where our kindness, love and influence can affect the change we want to see around us. The ceremony and community support imbued in us the courage and energy to take these steps. (In fact starting this blog was one of my action steps.)

I highly recommend this experience is for anyone who interested in shapeshifting themselves or our world. Would that everyone could take time out of their schedule to do this.

9 thoughts on “Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness”

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience Jodi, because I very often feel the need for such a retreat where i can at least get a better connection with myself, get to know “me”better, but I also need it to be guided by trusting people as being alone with myself is usually very scary.

    May be 4 hours earlier i have shared on FB an article about Fibromyalgia. It was the first time i think of it, and check it on google. I needed to understand what it means, and what are the ways of treating it. You say here that you could help patients suffering from it? So there are ways to deal with it other than pain killers and anti epileptic drugs? I am very interested about that. Doctors are so fast in prescribing medicine πŸ™

    The last paragraph instantly brought heavy tears to my eyes, i don’t know why, but it tastes Peace, Innocence and Happiness.

    1. Many of my clients have fibromyalgia. We do many things, counseling shamanism, guided meditations, but I also refer them to check into Lyme disease which could be a terrible culprit. Would love if you could come next summer, I’ll be there again. But I realize it is complicated. πŸ™‚

      1. I just checked mayoclinic now for the Lyme disease, and although many of the symptoms are there, I don’t think it can be the case, since they mention several months, not several years of pain and infection. That was a constant diagnostic since 2005, but never checked about before as i was disgusted with doctors and wrong diagnostics. Thank you anyway. If I decide to try and go to a doctor again, i will ask to have tests done πŸ™‚

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