TreVolo S Speaker Review – BenQ’s Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Why I am doing a treVolo S speaker review today: Many of you have found me through my audio or video offerings (over two hundred videos on YouTube!) teaching people like you how to overcome fear and live happier and with vitality. To do that, I recognize how important it is that you hear my messages of hope. And I mean, literally, hear my voice.

Benq trevolo speaker jodi aman

“Can you hear me now?”

So when BenQ asked me to review their high-quality, Bluetooth treVolo S speaker – even though I have NEVER done a product review before – I said: “Yes!”  (Actually, I took a beat, meditated on it, combed their website and saw how socially responsible they are, and then, said, “Yes, I will try them.”)

Then, I spent a month using the treVolo S speaker that they sent me. I committed that if I was going to share it, I wanted to make sure it was really good. I tested it with podcasts, watching a video, listening to guided meditations, and a whole lot of music.

Beyond impressive!

And I’m hard to please. Being sensitive to sound, I prefer to work without even white noise in my office. Most Bluetooth speakers are cheaply made and have a tinny, bass-y sound. Noise, not music. However, with the treVolo speaker, the sound is beautiful. Even when turned high or very low. The treVolo is the world’s first electrostatic portable speaker, which makes the sound balanced and clear.

Watch my full review below to learn more (and hear the sound for yourself).

BenQ Bluetooth treVolo S Speaker Review

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Superior Sound Quality

My hope is that my videos relax, soothe and inspire you. The best way to deliver that is with a natural sound: the BenQ Trevolo S Bluetooth Speakers. Music, talking, stories, and inspirational teachings are a great way to combat the negative thoughts and stress that we experience on a daily basis. What do you listen to when you are stressed?

More about the treVolo S Speaker

Using a team of audio experts from around the world, BenQ has developed a portable speaker with pitch-perfect natural sound, while staying faithful to the original performance. To learn more about the speaker technology, go HERE. Another cool thing about these treVolo Bluetooth Speakers is the company’s philosophy. BenQ has a commitment to recycling. They give their customers a simple method to recycle used BenQ products, batteries and even packing materials.

From their website: Advancing its pledge for both sustainable products and production, BenQ’s new sales and marketing branch in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area is a 100-percent LED lit facility. In addition to meeting international regulatory requirements and standards pertaining to environmental management, the company also incorporates life cycle design into material selection, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and disposal of devices. Driven by its corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life,” BenQ continues to lead the way elevating and enriching every aspect of life that matters the most – lifestyle, business, and education.

What do you look for in a Bluetooth speaker? Share with me!

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    Ok. There are some specifications that need to be considered here including bluetooth version used in this speaker, the range of bluetooth, speaker connectivity with android and iphone etc. Also, if the speaker is able to resist water i.e waterproof? How long is the battery timing? Though you have already summarized the article and i am thankful to me for introducing a new product to me. Yet I think you should now add some table and write all specifications for your users on the samepage. Google bots will aslo encourage your article for this try.

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