4 Reasons You Feel Stuck and How To Get Unstuck

Do you feel caught up, boxed in, spinning your wheels, trapped, stuck in a rapid tumble of cyclic thoughts about the same thing? Do you feel like you will never ever feel good again? In other words, do you feel stuck?

feel stuck, get unstuck

It is possible to get unstuck and free yourself!

In fact, if you are like me, meaning you want to live happier and more connected and in a peaceful state and contributing to this life and your fellow beings, it is imperative to get unstuck. Because life is too short to stay struggling if you don’t have to.

And you know that feeling stuck equals struggling. Stuck doesn’t feel good because you feel helpless and scared that you are stuck. You are not doing what you most desire. You isolate yourself from others when you are stuck. And, the worse consequence, is that stuck-ness evokes a lot of negative self-judgment.

Recently someone commented on a Facebook mime about letting go. He said, “I can’t, I just made too many mistakes.”


There are people that take unforgivable actions. Watch the news and you can see that. But, I don’t think they are reading my blog, so this message is not to them.

Unfortunately, a far greater number of people deem their actions unforgivable even if they aren’t even close to that. Even if they are normal mistakes that people make. And even when they had been good decisions at the time.

You feel stuck

Punishing yourself because you’ve done something, by staying suffering doesn’t even help anyone around you. It is better to move and take action to make up for it, pay it forward, or restore relationships.

Do you want to take responsibility? Then move. Move out of the stuck-ness because when you feel stuck, you are not contributing to the world. You are not using your talents to make a difference. And your heart- your soul- wants desperately to matter. When you feel stuck, you feel depressed.

This life demands so much of us and so, it’s not easy to know how to get unstuck in order to meet those demands with a clear mind and an open heart. (Well, maybe you will be eliminating some demands that are rendered unnecessary when your mind is unstuck.)

To move out of the stuck-ness, you need to know what is keeping you stuck in the first place.

I’m here to help. Watch the video and read on for more on how to finally free yourself from feeling stuck.

4 Reasons You Feel Stuck and How to Get Unstuck

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4 Reasons You Feel Stuck

You think you need permission.

For some reason, you have convinced yourself you are unworthy of feeling better. Subconsciously, you’re waiting for some unknown person to absolve you of your perceived wrong-doings and offer you a clean slate. Well, okay, I’ll step up: You ARE worthy of feeling better. No matter your past, you deserve to rise above and I know you can! You deserve it.

You are afraid it will feel worse.

This one sounds silly, but a lot of us are believing it. Remember, feeling better is by definition better. This is a case of being used to the devil we know, as opposed to the devil we don’t. We know we can (somewhat) handle our current situation, but change is…foreign. Let me tell you when you free yourself from these worries and strife, you open up to all your skills and begin to trust yourself in a way that feels infinitely better and more in control.

You distract yourself with asking “How did I get here?”.

It’s totally human to want to make meaning of things that happen. But really, it’s almost always as simple as you got hurt and now you feel bad. Trying to go deeper and deeper into this is a waste of time and energy. Now is the time to shift your perception. Now is the time to heal.

You’re stuck in self-blame.

This is another complete and utter time/energy-suck. Blaming yourself absolutely keeps you stuck. It is overwhelming and exhausting leaving almost no room for healing. Stop. Right now. Stop the judgment and blame and affirm to yourself: “I deserve to feel better”.

Be gentle. Getting unstuck doesn’t usually happen overnight. You have to keep reminding yourself. Bookmark this video and watch it over and over until you feel free!

So, today is the day. From now on, your focus is to heal and free yourself! What small thing can you do today to start? Share with me.


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