Why is it so hard to heal?


heal you deserve to feel better

Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety or depression?

This breaks my heart.

I see so many people wish they can end their struggle with emotional pain and difficult relationships. They don’t get why they still feel so bad despite all of their hard work. This is devastating and confusing. Without another explanation, they end up blaming themselves for not feeling better. This adds insult to injury.

Why do our problems take up so much head space that sometimes we have trouble seeing our way through?

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In today’s video, I answer this question. Researched from thousands of conversations, I’ve discovered some common barriers in the people with pain and problems who struggle to heal and .

This information will empower you to break through those last barriers and get yourself moving on to a brighter future. You deserve it.

Why is it so hard to heal?

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Here’s four main barriers to healing from emotional pain and how to break through them:

1. You’re worried that it might feel worse than before.

We’re afraid that that’s out of control because it’s unknown but really, healing by definition is better. It can not be worse than you’re feeling now. Try it. Go for it. Let go of that worry that it’s going to be worse or it’s going to be out of control because right now you’re feeling out of control and feeling a lot of pain. It’s going to be better. Healing is by definition better.

2. You wonder if you deserve it.

Tons of things happened to us and we don’t deserve those things. We don’t know why bad things happened to us but bad things happen to good people all the time and it doesn’t say anything about whether you’re a good person or not. It’s not your responsibility, you did not cause it. This is how to break through. Repeat yourself over and over, “I did not deserve it”, “I did not deserve it.” That will help you break through.

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3. You think that the other person who hurt you will get away with it scot-free.

Nobody gets away with anything scot-free. And just because you heal and you take yourself out of the pin of what happened to you that’s holding you down, it doesn’t mean the person who hurt you gets away. It means you got away. You got away and now you have a new opportunity to live happier and freer and without anxiety and without that emotional pain any longer.

4. You are not quite sure it’s possible for you to heal.

You see so many people healing and you hear about their stories and you think, “it’s not for me because I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.” Sometimes we try a million things and it takes many years but it’s possible. You will get there just like everybody else gets there. Don’t give up. You are so worth this. So worth this journey and so worth feeling better.

It is possible for you because I’ve seen thousands of people who thought it was impossible for them get better. Don’t let these barriers hold you down any longer.

What are you going to do to shine through them?

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I so appreciate your reminders that this is something that can be overcome! Your gentleness and your words have honestly helped me to see many things about my PTSD and anxiety. That you take the time to make these videos and give hope to so many of us that struggle, is a real blessing Jodi. Thank you so very much.

Jodi Aman

Chris, thanks so much for writing this. I hope this message gets spread far and wide! I’ll keep saying it!


PTSD affects so many, particularly our veterans. There’s no shame in getting treatment, and yet it continues to be so hard for some who are afraid of repercussions. Glad you’re building awareness. Knowing they’re not alone, helps very much. Thanks, Jodi.

Jodi Aman

Thanks, Monica. I think war is so awful on the soul, that I want to help in any way I can!


Dear Jodi,
I am truly inspired when I Iisten to your videos. I began suffering fom OCD in 2009. It has become extremely severe. Previously, I was high functioningas an RN and volunteer and raised a young man who is now 22 years old and, thank God, is succeeding personally and professionally. All day long I attempt to change strategies to rid myself of this demon. At age 50, I feel isolated, embarassed, ashamed and struggle even with basic adls. Your messages have sparked a bit of hope. I have had technical difficulties on my android and may have missed videos pertauning to OCD. If you can instruct me accordingly, I would be most appreciative. Again, I thank you; you are an angel and no doubt helping many suffering human beings. God bless you.

Jodi Aman

Thank you Amy, I really hope that I can help. Here is my video on OCD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL4oOX2Vw94
I think of OCD as any other anxiety and maybe also you can be served my my free videos or my online program. I am planning another free Youtube video on OCD coming soon! Big hugs! xoxo

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