Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

Do you have a fear of flying?

Fear of flying

Last week, I boarded a plane in the early morning and sat next to a beautiful 27 year old woman named Brittany. She engaged me in conversation which is unfortunately unusual these days on airplanes.

She asked what I was doing and where I was going. I told her that I was filming a part in a self-help drama. (The Secrets of The Keys.)

She said, “Are you talking about anxiety?”

I looked all around my clothes to see if I had a sign or my business card stuck to me somewhere, not believing that she could guess this.

Then, I realized that she said this because that’s what was on her mind. She had an intense fear of flying and was a nervous wreck. (I thought she had great skills to distract herself by engaging me in conversation!)

Brittany and I made fast friends, talked through the whole flight, and actually held hands as we endured the shakiest landing I have ever experienced.

I taught her my technique of closing my eyes and imagining wrapping ribbons of light around the body of the plane to hold and protect stand to keep my fear of flying at bay. She loved this and when we did this together, the plane actually seemed to steady!

In the past, I could never imagine myself being able to get around like I do now without a fear of flying-not to mention helping others on a plane! I’m so glad my old fear of flying no longer stops me from having adventures.

Do you want to conquer your fear of flying?

Watch today’s video. But here’s a fair warning: I go deep in this one.

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I used to be so embarrassed and now I just want to help people.

This is the method to my calmness

1. Find where I had control

2. See from a ‘big picture’ view

3. Create new videos in my head.

Now I can help you do it. I have a audio program that DOES this for you, so by the time of your next flight, you will feel better.

Then, voila! I can travel the world. #Trustme. You can get over your fear of flying. If I can do it, you can too! Click the button below to learn more.

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