My First Movie – The Secrets of the Keys

The Secrets of the Keys

the secrets of the keys stars Jodi Aman

A different kind of self-help movie

Did you know that I am in a movie?

Robin Jay, the writer and producer of this dramatic and inspirational film, and I met at a conference one year ago. We connected immediately. She is so kind and life-affirming to everyone around her. Asking me to play myself in this hybrid film – a fictional narrative with real-life cast members – was such a dream, made even more meaningful by the amazing folks involved in the project.

Shooting the movie in a beautiful private estate, and working alongside the high vibrating director, crew and cast, including Best Selling Authors, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, and don Miguel Ruiz, made it a magical experience.

This is what Robin wrote to me about my part (5 minutes in the full-length film.)

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your scene in the movie? I love your voice and you’re a compelling storyteller. AND the content you shared is SO high impact!

Your segment is so incredible. You are so eloquent and authentic. Your message is just so profound, I know you are going to help so many people.

Robin is a gusher! But we can all use a gusher in our life to reflect back the best in us, right?

Robin showed the movie to her friend, who is a recent widow, and what she said moved me so much.

“Seeing your movie yesterday re-sparked me & my mind… & my spirit now is soaring with all kinds of ideas, insights!!! I wanted to take notes and am hungry for more. Inspiring others isn’t always an easy task & I am filled with enormous enthusiasm & new information & beneficial reminders & validations…. I’m so very touched & sparked & lit up like a frigging Christmas tree!!!”

This trailer brought tears to my eyes when I watched it for the first time. By the time I saw my name at the end, I was jumping out of my seat!

The Secrets of the Keys Official Trailer

Tweet: Our most #challenging times can #help us face our deepest #fears. @JodiAman

This movie will change your life

In the movie, I share The Key of Empathy, mentioning that if we understood other people and why they act the way that they do, we can change our relationship with ourself. In it, I share a vulnerable story that I haven’t told many people.

I also give the secret to letting go. Why it is hard and how to fix it! So you can move on to big happiness!

I HAVE the DVDs and can ship one right out to you! Write to me at to order one.

The Secrets of The Keys

4 thoughts on “My First Movie – The Secrets of the Keys”

  1. what to ask a girl

    Jodi, I am so excited for you and so proud of you! You are perfect for a movie like this that seeks to help and inspire others. You have done that for me and many others. Now you’ll reach even more people. I’m so glad that you have had this opportunity!

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