You Are Allowed To Feel

Allow Yourself To Heal allowed to feel

“You are allowed to feel! You are allowed!”

I was “giving permission” to Betty, a client who was attempting to allow herself to be angry for the first time.  She closed her eyes tight, tried to breathe, and stay with me, but panic arose.

“What might happen? This feels horrible!”

I asked her to describe how it feels and what images she might be seeing. (I wanted to shed light on it, so it wasn’t quite so dark and scary. When our problems remain in the shadows, they have more power over us. When we shed light on them and allow them, they can come forth, open up, and heal. The power then returns to us.)

She said it was like fist-sized balls of anger with barbed wires on them right in her chest.

“It feels awful. I don’t want to feel this way.”

Why you think it is so hard to feel

There are many reasons we don’t want to feel a feeling, but it usually leads back to guilt and fear. For her, it was both – guilt that she was not allowed to feel this way, which had developed into a fear if she did. She grew up in a culture that put women in their place and had sustained a violent marriage for many years. Anger would have brought her criticism and abuse. It was not safe.

I told her it was okay to feel angry. “It is appropriate for what happened to you.” This is a magic word for some people – “Appropriate.” They have gone on so long thinking they were “wrong” for their feelings. Perhaps other people told them they were wrong – “Don’t take it so personally.” “Just calm down.” “You need to let it go.” These all contribute to us judging ourselves, and thinking that our feelings are wrong or pathological. This is a double whammy – not only do you feel bad, you feel bad that you feel bad.

Thinking something is wrong with what we feel can cause so many problems in our lives. An unfelt, unresolved feeling, especially one we judge to be pathological can reek havoc on our emotions, relationships, and identity.

The stories about the feelings and what happened –  blaming ourselves and blaming others – that fill our head, have us run away from feelings. This is why it takes so long to heal. We think a feeling is unbearable, yet we are willing to endure years of self torture with stories of blame, fear, and guilt cluttering our minds.

When we allow ourselves to feel, without the story, just feel, it can go away faster than you ever imagine. I’ll explain in this video…

Allow Yourself To Feel

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“If you don’t start a feeling, you cannot take that feeling to an end.”

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This quote is by one of my favorite authors, Geneen Roth. (LOVE her!)

Once your feelings are allowed, they will dissolve. And this, surprisingly does not take long.

In the session with Betty, I asked her to see those tight fists of barbed wire in her chest. To feel them fully without all that other garbage of blame, negative self-judgment and worry. Just feel them. Then, I asked her to breathe into them.

After breathing into her feeling for a couple of minutes, my client said that the ball of anger faded, lightened and came up into her throat.

“I’m ready to get it out and let it go,” she said resolutely.

She took the rock I handed her into both of her hands and brought it up to her mouth. She camayed  (blew the energy of) the feelings out into the rock very hard from deep in her gut several times. After, sitting back on the couch with her eyes still closed, a peaceful look came over her face. She breathed and was quiet for a few more minutes, feeling the peace without the anger. Then she sat up, opened her eyes, and smiled.

“That felt so much better than holding it in!”

I smiled. “You are allowed to feel better, too!”

Do you want that relief right now?

I made you a special audio so you can be guided by me through this process for yourself! You can listen this “Two Minutes To Peace” meditation here for FREE.

Get more self-healing meditations.

How different would our world be if we allowed ourselves to feel and let go?

32 thoughts on “You Are Allowed To Feel”

  1. What I used to call coincidences, are happening more and more often. I don’t know how to describe what this post made me feel, but I will just say Thank YOU.

      1. it feels nice to read this post over and over again. it feels so good to know i’m allowed to have these feelings, but i can’t. Something inside refuse them, it turns them into a scaring anger towards myself. im ashamed of myself. im embarrassed of this.Its been a week that i work on myself to keep it inside, not to share it with anyone, but its destructive. Everything in me is refusing it.

        1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

          I hear it is hurting you to keep in and you are struggling to allow the feelings. Try to figure out what is the belief that refuses to let you have them. That belief needs to be changed. (Could be where the shame comes from.) In that last sentence are you refusing to keep it inside or refusing to feel it? Or almost both?

          1. it is both, because keeping it inside is killing me, but at the same time i refuse to have those feelings because its like my whole world will collapse if i do. I’m not allowed to be sick, not allowed to be hurt, not to feel pain, not to even have a headache, not allowed for treatment nor for friendship or love or sympathy. That’s what’s in my head since ever. You must be strong, if something happens to us you will raise your sisters. you should be strong, we count on you, we depend on you, now your kids depend on you, be strong.On another hand, if i show any kind of emotion, it was you’re still a baby, only babies cry. you’re stupid, you’re weak, you’re…..

            1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

              Yes, these beliefs are restricting. But the world might not collapse if you feel, but you are collapsing under the weight of the feeling unexpressed. At least write them.

  2. Yay, Jodi! I’m so glad you wrote this. Too often we make our so-called negative feelings “wrong,” when they are a beautiful gift, too. When we learn to accept and allow anger — but express it appropriately — it can unlock great stores of energy within us. When I explore my depressed moments, I always come up with some needed solution or change of direction. I would love to see our society learn to integrate these feelings rather than to suppress them. Brava!
    Nadine Feldman recently posted..The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven PressfieldMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Thanks, Nadine, I have had lots of similar feedback, a gratitude. I guess we all need permission. Maybe we can change the world!

  3. Jodi, most certainly holding in or repressing any emotion is bound to be toxic with time. This sounds like a wonderful exercise to cleanse body and soul!

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      You have shared your heart before. This feels different since you are more vulnerable, but you’ve done it before. Please remember!

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