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I’ve always been in awe of plants. They are so alive, vibrant, resilient, diverse, and nurturing. In the last several years, I have gotten closer to this passion by studying the medicinal value in plants just outside my door.

Strangely enough, but brilliantly, when I hope to have access to a new plant that I’ve learned about, I soon find it growing inches from where I randomly sit down to meditate. Then, I am like a kid in a candy shop.

“Chickweed! It’s right here! I’ve been looking for a year and it’s all over the place! Hello, little flowers!”

My garden is my canvas

I can be creative and productive and see a transformation from my labors. This is so good for my self-esteem to see the beautiful results of my efforts. And it is good for me physiologically.

There are awesome microbes (probiotics) in the soil that are amazing for your gut. And, since 90% of brain chemistry is made in the gut, gardening improves your whole physical and emotional health. These microbes transfer from the soil right through your skin when you are digging in the dirt! Those mud pies you made when you were little take on a whole different meaning, don’t they?

You can also get these super food microbes inside you by eating plants right from your garden or lawn without washing them. (Make sure it has not been sprayed with chemicals!)

calm from anxiety

I recommend doing this every day if you can. My clients think I am so silly because when I walk them outside after our meeting, I grab a leaf or two (always sharing if they are willing to try) before heading back in to my next appointment. (Don’t knock it! I haven’t been sick in well over a year!

This winter I was reading a nonfictional book Anastasia: The Ringing Cedars of Russia. Anastasia suggests that if you spend time with plants they will become the medicine for whatever you need. She recommended washing your hands in a bowl of water and pouring it on your plants, and/or walking barefoot around them. After some time the plants will know what your body needs and create that “medicine”. Isn’t that fascinating?

Do you ever talk to plants? You should try it sometime, because it is an amazing experience! Plants love to share their nurturance and knowledge with us. I have found them so excited to be helpful with high and happy energy. It’s a mutual love affair!

In today’s video, I share with you my favorite edible weeds that I snack on everyday. Come, tour my garden!

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Connect with nature

1. Purslane

You will likely find it in your garden. Great flavor. It has hearty teardrop shaped succulent leaves. I heard that it helps with cholesterol, probably because it is full of Omega-3s!

2. Red Clover

Yummy, sweet blossom! Pop in your mouth as you walk by. Or use to brighten a salad. She is one of the best anti-cancer herbs. Red Clover eases PMS, improves fertility, and benefits pregnancy and lactation. She has loads of minerals to help bones and the lymphatic system, so she is an immune system booster and is especially good for lungs or breathing.

3. Dandelion

This is a good digestion tonic. (Tinctured dandelion is good for acid reflux, upset tummy, gas, bloating and more.) Because dandelion roots grow so deep, they pick up loads of nutrients from the soil. So dandelions are considered a natural multivitamin. You can add green or the roots to soups for added nutrition. Dandelions are amazing because you can eat the entire plant, blossoms, leaves and roots. Mostly I drink dandelion tea. I just go out and fill my mug 1/3 with dandelion blossoms from my yard (I use no chemicals on my yard, of course), pour hot (not boiling) water over and cover for ten minutes. I add one teaspoon of organic honey. It is delicious, and good for me. It is known to be a diuretic, help headaches, and depression (or general stress)!

4. Sorrel

So yummy! Lemony! Another anti-cancer herb. Good for sinuses, bacterial infections and inflammation.

Happy Soul Message

5. Plantain

Mix into your lettuce! Chew and stick on bug bites or as a topical anesthetic. Takes away surface pain of sunburn, and small cuts and abrasions.

6. Wild Strawberry

Eat berries or leaves in your salad! These are full of anti-oxidants. You can also dry the leaves for tea and use them for digestion issues.

So, there you have it, my favorite wild weeds to eat. Try to get at a couple of these leaves in every day directly from the soil. You’ll feel happier, recover from problems faster, and feel stronger. This will also connect you to the earth and make you feel part of and connected to everything.

What makes you feel connected to the earth?

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Annie O'Reilly

Some of those are my favorite and I learned two new ones. Thanks so much for this very useful blog!

Jodi Aman

Awesome, Annie, I can’t wait to hear which two were new for you!?


Thanks for your video on edible weeds! I’m going to try some of these. I’ve been eating dandelion in my salads; now I’ll try some of the others.

Jodi Aman

I like to learn one new thing a week and really focus on it and connect with it. Enjoy your exploring!

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