Open Your Beautiful Heart – Yes, You!

Your beautiful heart is stunning. Yes, your heart.

How do I know that you’re gorgeous in your heart?

You want to make a difference in the world, right? Even if it is on a macro level. You want to contribute to your family, to someone you love. Of course, you do. I know you want to feel healing and give healing and matter. You want this life to mean something. You care about things.

Your beautiful heart is simply divine. Life can be complicated, but for a moment, just take the simplicity of your heart: You care.

No, not everyone cares. You are special. Many people are afraid that caring hurts. They think that an open heart could leave them vulnerable, so they try so very hard not to care, or at least pretend they don’t care. This doesn’t protect them. This actually makes them more miserable.




But they think they are protecting themselves.

Humans Crave Connection

Humans (with some exceptions) desire connection. It feels good emotionally and mentally to care and be cared about. Because a community is literally needed for physical survival. Spiritually, it is what we are here for.

So when one keeps their heart closed, they suffer. In today’s video, I am going to share how to open your heart – your BEAUTIFUL heart – without feeling vulnerable.

How to open, yet protect your beautiful heart

Watch the video to hear about three ways you can practice opening your beautiful heart safely and easily!


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3 Ways To Open Your Heart

Here are three ways you can open your heart even before you get into a relationship. Then you can have confidence going into any friendship, acquaintance, colleague-ship, or romance with your eyes and heart open. Most of all, knowing that you can trust yourself to keep yourself safe. You can feel solid in your worth and ready to connect with good people around you. This is how to live long and happy.  Here is the summary:

  1. Sing
  2. Restorative Backbends
  3. Heart-Shining Visualization

Watch the video to learn how to do these!

Close your eyes and try singing right now. Write in the comments below what you feel in your heart after:

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