Clear Your Clutter To DeClutter Your Mind and Lift Your Energy

Do you ever feel like there is just too much stuff in your brain and wish you could simply declutter your mind? Well, there might be a practical, easy way out of heavy, stuck emotions: Clear your clutter. That physical clutter that lies around your home.

Clutter drains your energy and exhausts you. In a study recently published in California, researchers found that family members carried more stress hormones respective of how cluttered the house is, especially women who bear the brunt of the responsibility of managing clutter.

Clutter is a drain

If your physical space is littered with negativity- be it negative people, mess or clutter or all of the above- it is a drain on your system.

The fastest way to declutter your mind, decrease those stress hormones and lift your energy is to surround yourself with beauty. Probably the simplest way to do this is to be out in nature. When you spend more time surrounded by trees, flowers, and plants, you feel better.

clear your clutter


Life is hard enough, so save yourself the added stress of clutter by clearing it. You can do it. Just start with something small or follow the tips in this video so that you can start feeling better today.

Clear Your Clutter To DeClutter Your Mind

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Your Physical Space Affects Your Mental Health

People who have tidier homes, feel more relaxed, get more done, enjoy more energy and quality family time. All of which benefit your mind, heart, and soul. When you make an effort to take care of the clutter around you, you declutter your mind and make space for beauty, calm and health. Below are a few quick Feng Shui tips to help you.

3 Quick Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

  1. Start in the bedroom. If there is any clutter under your bed, get rid of it. Sleeping is a third of your life, so you don’t want that clutter to drain the most important thing you do for your health.
  2. Donate Clothes. Keep a box handy and add any clothing items to it that no longer fit or work. Get rid of this monthly. There are drop-off boxes everywhere!
  3. Do things in 9s. Get rid of nine books per week. Move 9 things on your desk etc. It’s a measured, yet significant goal that will help shift the energy in your home.

Watch the video for more. And if you need more help, I’ve walked many people through getting over their anxiety and I know that you can change this. Learn how to work with me.

What tips would you add? What helps you declutter your mind? Share with me!


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