Driving Anxiety Help! Get Your Control Back!

Driving Anxiety Help

Driving Anxiety Help – Free yourself from stress.

Driving is such a symbol of freedom. Your whole life changes with that driver’s license! If you have a car to use/borrow, you get to go where you want to go without depending on anyone! This kind of freedom is a BIG deal.

Yet, driving anxiety could put a wrench in the works because it can severely limit this freedom.

I’ve been talking to loads of people with driving anxiety lately and they tell me that they are afraid of bridges, driving at night, other drivers, going over hills, expressways, huge trucks, accidents, and much much more.

What they are afraid of is the unknown.

Anxiety uses the idea of the “unknown” to get to you. It’s just because it cannot use anything else. When you know something, you feel more in control of it. You can plan.

But I’d like to call anxiety out on its bluff. (YES, it is a BLUFF!) You can plan for what you don’t know, too. Anxiety makes you think you have to be afraid to protect yourself. That’s bull.

I’d rather plan, build my skills and believe in myself to protect myself. Much safer, and no suffering involved.

I’d rather focus on the control I do have and do something that relieves me of pain, and/or generates happiness and joy, than be distracted by the stuff that is out of my control.

What about you? What would you rather give your attention to?

Driving Anxiety Help – Get and Keep Control

In today’s new video I explain how to get rid of anxiety by focusing on your control!

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driving without anxiety driving anxiety drive with no anxietyTake anxiety’s power and give it back to yourself!

You are a great driver or you wouldn’t have a license. Let’s build your confidence up.

Do you want help getting over your driving anxiety?

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Where would you want to go if you didn’t have to deal with Driving Anxiety?

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