How to Find Peace By Going Outside of Yourself (Part 2 of 3)

Monday I shared finding peace by going within ourselves, (Part 1) our bodies, our minds. Today we’ll walkabout how to find peace by going outside of yourself. Tomorrow is Part 3 Finding Peace by going without.

I wrote this series because people are so filled with anxiety in our culture. This anxiety is causing many problems in relationships and communities.

Patti Fields a facilitator of A Course in Miracles study groups, a spiritual counselor and a dear friend of mine shared an image with me one day. She said that she saw two circles, one inside of the other. Our life is in the middle (yellow) section.

how to find peace outside of ourselves in the big picture view

We can find Peace (she uses the word “Truth” meaning “the absolute”) by going within the inner circle or outside the outer circle. The middle yellow section gets mucked up with the gunk and stress of [the illusion] of everyday living. It is where the dark and suffering is.

Our hope is that by developing the inner circle and the outer circle, the yellow section shrinks and continues to shrink, until there are no circles and we are living full time in Peace.

Some of the meditations in the series will invite us within, and some will invite us to go to the outer circle. Outside Peace is where we can connect with situations, people, the earth and Spirit to find divinity in all of these things. From here, we can reach out outside of ourselves and see our world from a big picture view, instead of the small slice we see from the midst of the chaos.

How to find peace in the big picture

The big picture view gives us a new and easier to swallow perspective. You will learn how to find peace easier in the big picture view. The situation may not be as unjust as you thought and it can become less frustrating. You can see the pain of the other people inflicting harm on you and have compassion even though they have hurt you. And also, you can see how they hurt you out of their own pain.

When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.

Thich Nhat Hanh

We can share experience with others and feel close to them, sharing love and connection that makes us feel so good. We can also see ourselves through the eyes of these people who love us, getting a better view of who we are than the identity our critical thinking constantly tried to place on us. Free from being a “loser,” “worthless” or “not good enough,” we can learn how to find peace by loving ourselves as others love us. Love = Peace.

From this outer circle, we can see how the earth supports us, nourishes us, cleans us, steadies us. We can feel grounded in this energy.

And last but the greatest, we can pray to Spirit and listen for guidance.

From this outer circle we can feel connected instead of lonely and separate. All of this can bring peace. Check out my meditation series to practice how to find peace in your life.

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how to find peace

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