De-Mystifying Self-Love

what is self-love, how do we grow self-love

Do you know how to feel self-love?

This is so evasive because we put so much meaning around it.I had a client who was following a guided meditation where he was asked to touch his heart and feel love for himself. He tried, but soon panicked. He didn’t know if he was “doing it right” because he assumed that there was a definitive feeling to feel. And he didn’t “feel” it. Doubt filled his mind and anxiety soon followed because he felt this was a sign that he was unable to love himself, and God-forbit, unworthy of that love.

This caused him a great deal of trouble – and his mind spin way past this trouble and deeply into devastation. He felt so alone and left out of the world.

Self-love is a mystery and not understating it can cause so much suffering, so today I am de-mystifying it.

I knew exactly how to settle this man’s mind. I knew he had self-love, just as I know you all do. Do you know how I know? I tell you about it in this video.


Answering your Four Most Asked Questions about Self-Love



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The four questions cheat sheet

How do you get it? You were born with it.
How do you know you have it?  You defend yourself.
What does it feel like? Empty space, lack of judgment.
How do you nurture it? Be kind to yourself. Stop negative self-judgment.

You are love.

#Trustme. You are loved and lovable, and are capable of loving. There is no mystery. It is just presence. The absence of fear and doubt. If you need more click the links throughout this post for more articles videos on self-love. You won’t regret it!

Can you focus on something and be in complete presence with love?

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