Finding Peace Within (Part 1)

Finding peace within…There are as many paths to finding peace as there are ideas in our head. Geneen Roth, the bestselling author of Woman Food and God, says that we can take anything, and take that thing all the way to the end, we will find Spirit. When she says anything, she means anything. Divorce, trees, foreclosure, sunsets, cancer, food, anything!

She says that if we explore that thing with curious observation only (A.K.A.without judgment or fear) we can come to the peace of the present moment. That thing (divorce, trees, foreclosure, loneliness, sunsets, cancer, and food) is in our way of seeing this moment right now. It distracts us.

“The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the world ‘silent.'” ~Alfred Brendel

So if we look straight at that thing and breath into it, we begin to see through it. Without its story to distract us, we can see beyond it and there we can connect with the divine. I call it “Two minutes to Peace.” Click to listen.

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finding peace within

The trick to finding peace within is to suspend anxiety and judgment since this is where all of the suffering is. Easier said than done, but not impossible. And the benefits are worth the effort! When we suspend fear and judgment, we cease to suffer. Then, in that peace of the present moment we can find divinity in ourselves and in all around us.

Though there are unlimited ways to find peace, this week we’ll explore three general categories. Today we are finding peace within.

Finding peace within

We can start finding peace by taking residence in our bodies. We often spend so much time in our head with to-do-lists, what-ifs, if-only’s, and should’s. Our very self’s are put in the boxing ring consistently being KO-ed. We get back up and are socked again.

When we go within, we take a break from this mental abuse and spend time in our bodies. Our bodies are much quieter than our constantly chatting minds. In fact, they are very quiet. (If you have a lot of pain, you might want to challenge me on this, but the “noise” from physical pain comes from our heads not our bodies. We fear what it is and how we’re going to handle it, or go into the why me’s and get angry, both making it much worse.)

finding peace within
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Finding places of quiet in our body, we can connect with our higher self and listen to our heart. It is in this place, the quiet of the present moment, that we can see ourselves through divine eyes. We can connect with our spiritual selves and we understand that we are greater than this body and bigger than what is happening to us. We learn to love ourselves with unconditional love and in turn, we learn to love all around us. Some people say that prayer and meditation are two sides of the same coin. Prayer is talking and meditation is listening. If we listen from this place deep within, we can learn so much.

The breath is the easiest place to start when traveling into our bodies and into our selves. It is always there and easy to find so we don’t have to work too hard. And slowing of the breath has physiological effects on our nervous system, calming us physically and assisting our mental focus. It is a perfect place to begin the journey to peace!

Tell me: How do you go about finding peace within?

4 thoughts on “Finding Peace Within (Part 1)”

  1. Peace, it’s the biggest word together with Love. I never said i want to be happy, i want to be rich or healthy, all I ever wanted from life was to be loved and have peace.
    I have never understood how i could be so peaceful in any circumstances, how i was able to keep a very calm facade, a serene face, a smile when in the inside I can feel like a boiling volcano.
    How to find Peace within? I don’t know, but I only feel it with Love. However i try, I only manage when i feel loved. I sometimes think it’s embarrassing, as that would be valid for babies and not for adults, but nothing else i do would help.
    As for the breathing, it is the hardest thing. I wish there was a technique to learn how to use it to calm down and find Peace. When facing a difficult situation, breathing becomes very hard. Hurtful words, emotional games, lies and bullying give the same effect as inflating a plastic balloon. The more you absorb, the more breathing become heavier and harder. Yesterday night, it happened again, till the balloon exploded, breathing was impossible and i lost consciousness.
    How can I learn to breath so that it doesn’t happen this way every time? Why does the body just shut off instead of breathing? I need a technique please if there is any, because this weakness of the body is breaking the peaceful facade I need to keep.
    I think I’m going insane 🙁

  2. My dreams too can bring me peace. It has to go on. The maximum of happiness and peace i get is when someone accept to share my dreams

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