My Path To the Healing Arts

Today I am being interviewed by Kellie Jo Holly of Abuse Journals  about my path to the healing arts. Kellie is a dynamic woman, who is dedicating her life to helping people leave and heal from abusive relationships. She provides one on one support (sign up for her newsletter and receive a free call to Kellie!) and tons of information online! This woman is one prolific writer!

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Here is the beginning of the interview and a link to read the rest of My Path to the Healing Arts over at Abuse Journals:

My path to the healing arts

Kellie: Jodi, you are an exciting and unique individual. Besides being a clinically licensed social worker, your bio describes multiple alternative healing certifications and degrees. It is difficult to find someone who embodies such a holistic approach to mental health. How did you evolve into the woman you are today?

Jodi: Thanks, Kellie!  Life is thrilling when I connect with lights in the world such as you! It has been fabulous getting to know you through our blogs at

My opportunity to learn holistic approaches to health came as most opportunities come to us-through a crisis. My own health crisis happened 15 years ago. Western medicine offered me no relief save, “It’s stress. Take this pill.”

This far from satisfied me. I had deeper questions, a well of curiosity about the body, mind and spirit to satiate. What makes us sick? What makes us heal? I wanted to know. I plugged into study, and tried everything, coming to deeper understanding of my psyche than ever before.  Read My Path to The Healing Arts .


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7 thoughts on “My Path To the Healing Arts”

  1. I Cannot comment on the other site.

    Fabulous, insightful interview, Jodi.

    I love the idea of changing these two words(“abuse victim”) into something else…although my sister was definitely a victim…I’m not sure what else to call her….
    but the concept of empowering her is something I desire.

    Your words EMPOWER, as well.

    Thank you. Xxx
    My Inner Chick recently posted..BLOG LIKE GAGAMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      You are reauthoring your sister’s story everyday. It’s a beautiful thing, making gorgeous meaning of her life. She lives on through you inspiring us all!
      Love you, chicka!!!

  2. Hi Jodi,

    That’s an inspiring interview, for sure – both from the perspective of your own healing and in the ways that you have take what you learned and use that understanding to help others. Since my path largely revolves around examining and tranforming my own limiting beliefs, I found the idea of “rewriting one’s narrative” particularly evocative.

    I used to push myself in all the traditional ways to health until the day an acupunturist told me, “The best thing for you is to be happy.” It took me years to understand what she really meant! But that’s where the journey began for me, and it really is awe-inspiring to experience how much power is really within us. Thanks for sharing your story!
    Seth Mullins recently posted..God as a Substitute FatherMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Thanks Seth, We have so much power within us and around us. It is amazing when we figure out how to tap into it, It is so simple once we get it, but sometimes we go through all kinds of complexities to get there.

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