Take Some Time with the Earth

It is time for a fire ceremony. In case you missed it, here are the Guided Healing Journeys (Meditations) from last night’s fire ceremony.

Take time to do these in order:

1. Stand:

Feel your feelings of where you are today. Feel the fear, anger, confusion, whatever comes up. Allow it. See what it looks like, what it feels like.

2. Lie on the ground on your back:

Let all those feelings that you have for all those experiences in your past just drop into the earth. Mother Earth is our greatest filter. Let it flow out and into the ground where it will be immediately transmuted back into light.

the light in you has always been there and will always be there

3. Lie on the ground on your front:

Face down, smelling the earth. Let all the fear of your future drop into the earth. Any fear you have of anything bad happening, anything you cannot do, anything you are dreading. Feel it drop out from every part of you touching the ground.

4. Stand:

Pull light through yourself from the crown of your head, all the way through your body and out your feet. Loop it around in front of your body and pull it through again, three times.

5. Lie on the ground on your back:

Feel, picture your connection with the ground, the birds, the animals, the sky.

6. Lie on the ground on your front:

Think of and make one small or big commitment that contributes to yourself, someone else, a community or some part of the world.

7. Stand up slowly and look for something on the ground:

a blade of grass, a leaf, a clover. Take it into your hand and blow your commitment into it. Come to the fire and throw it in.

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2 thoughts on “Take Some Time with the Earth”

  1. it’s beautiful.the feeling is like when praying from the heart, or like when i try to look at myself in the inside, make this inner connection, but however i try, as soon as i’m about to have this connection, i panic, a real real panic

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