Men and Anxiety


men and anxiety

Here I am being interviewed by Matt of Surviving My Past  blog for survivors of sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse talking about what is unique to know about men and anxiey and particularly about male survivors.

Men and Anxiety – Survivors of Sexual Abuse

I love connecting with other people online, especially kind and thoughtful people like Matt who are dedicated to helping other heal from their pasts by being open and sharing his own experience. His blog gives people hope and tools to help themselves.

Watch this video of us talking if you are interested in these topics:

Do you have anxiety?

Men and anxiety, what different does gender make?

  • The emotions and feelings anxiety hides behind.
  • Why anger is so hard for male survivors.
  • Anticipatory anxiety is needless suffering.
  • Preparing for the worse makes it worse.
  • Why community is important in healing.
  • Helping others helps you heal.
  • Writing as a tool in healing.
  • Why survivors are unique and special.
  • Resources to help yourself feel better.
anxiety coaching group

 Anxiety Myths Clarified

In today’s new video I explain why anxiety is so bad for survivors and tell you how you can get it out of your life.


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Would you like a community to help you heal?

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Thank you again Jodi for spending some time chatting with me on the show. It was a tremendous experience and I am grateful to know you and so thankful for all of your work. Your message of hope and healing is second to none!

You Rock!!


Chat with Jodi Aman, on Survivors and Anxiety. - Surviving My Past

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Alvaro Brown

This is exactly what I need to read right now. Thank you, Jodi.

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