My Top 10 Videos of 2017 for a Stress-Free New Year!

What kind of year was 2017 for you? Great? Challenging? A Mixed bag? Whatever it was, take some time now to watch my Top 10 Videos of 2017. I promise they’ll help you start a stress-free new year!

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Top Ten Videos for a Stress-Free New Year!

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What were your favorite videos?

It’s that time again! Time to sit back and celebrate your accomplishments– big AND small- they are amazing and worthy of celebrating. Even getting out of bed is cause for celebration sometimes. Celebrate you this week! Let it be the beginning of a stress-free new year. Give yourself lots of kudos for all the stuff you did well and offer yourself forgiveness for the times you messed up. Let go of anxiety and get back to your life purpose.

I’m so proud of all that I’ve accomplished and handled with grace this year. Let me tell you that I don’t just float through life. I work so hard: on talking nicer to myself, on taking care of people in my life and in my community, on writing and creating videos to share, and on developing my self spiritually emotionally and physically.

Of course, sometimes it feels like you don’t have the energy to do lots of work like I do. You may think, Happy people have the energy for that work.

If you can, invite yourself to the perspective that it is the work that is necessary to becoming happy. You don’t need energy for the work. It is the work that gives you energy. Practice being kinder to yourself EVEN when you don’t feel like it. Do something creative even if you are NOT motivated. I am unmotivated all the time, and I just do it anyway. It is only after I do the first steps that I can begin to get into the flow.

Stress-free new year

Every year I find peace with myself and build trust in myself more and more. Using the suggestions in these videos for a stress-free new year, you can incorporate the same practices to find peace and trust your self.  My hope is that the work I put out into the world reaches those who need it. Again, these videos come from my heartbeat. I’m committed to sharing these messages of hope as much as I can. Please help my by sharing them with your communities. I can reach a lot of people with your help. Also, as always give me feedback!

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Let’s make this a stress-free new year!

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