How to Have a Clear Mind at Night

So many of us struggle with this. The worries, the to-do lists, the what ifs- all these monkey mind thoughts that hit us as soon as our head hits the pillow! We all want a clear mind at night. We all want bedtime to be a time of peace and quiet.

clear mind at night

But why does all this strife come to us when we are finally ready to just relax? It’s because all throughout the day we are busy doing other things and thinking about the task at hand. At night though, we’re not doing anything and this opens us up to the demands of the monkey mind!

We need to pull focus away from the monkey mind onto something else that will allow us to clear the mind and have a peaceful sleep.

How to Have a Clear Mind at Night

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Tips to a Clear Mind at Night

  1. Don’t Worry About Getting Enough Sleep. When you worry about not getting enough sleep, your adrenaline goes up and this will keep you awake. Tell yourself you will figure it out. You always have!
  2. Read Fiction. In my experience, reading a novel that you’ve already read is a great way to distract your mind and begin to settle into sleep. You already know the characters, you know what happens and so your mind can just lull itself into rest.
  3. Guided Meditation. There are plenty of guided meditations out there. The difference with guided meditations is that you are given a narrative to follow so your mind is told what to do and what to focus on. You’re not left to wander and you’re actually given wisdom along the way.
  4. Plan a Pretend Party. This is a great tip, especially for kids. Have them use that creative mind on something fun and benign.
  5. Recall a TV Show. In your mind, go over a recent TV episode from start to finish. It’s a pleasant distraction and it really works!
  6. Tour an Old House. Think about an old house in which you had great memories and take a tour in your mind.

If you are experiencing a racing mind at night, if anxiety and worry keep you up late, rotate some of these tactics to bring in something else to focus on, besides your worries and to dos.

What do you do to help clear your mind at night? Share with me!

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  1. I really like all the tips. to sleep better I prefer chamomile tea and then I prefer to write about the day. It makes me feel stressfree. and makes my mind calm.

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