Making Love Your Life Mission

I spent the past weekend working on my life mission at Omega Institute assisting a workshop with the spunky Barbara Marx Hubbard and the energizing John Perkins called After 2012: Manifesting Change: Rebirthing Self And Community.

Barbara has boundless energy. I loved walking her around the campus having tête-à-têtes about her ideas and family. Holding hands and squeezing tight as the thrill of the weekend moved her. She bloomed even brighter (if that is possible) before my eyes as she grew even more connected to her own life mission.

life mission john perkins barbara marx hubbard jodi lobozzo aman

Barbara inspired the participants with her words and ideas. She began by  inviting us into thinking about evolution.

Never interested in evolution or history when I was little, I became more interested in it as I was older and saw the psychological and cultural impact of times past.  Then, when my son was little he preferred non fiction books about paleontology, animals, and evolution to storybooks. I became as entranced as he was in this fascinating science.

But Barbara brought it alive for me this weekend. I was a sponge to her knowledge about how crisis is the catalyst for evolutionary change. And how we are now facing another crisis (i.e, limited resources, growing populations, unstable economic systems.)  She promotes that: rather than lament this crisis, be grateful for it, because it is necessary for the next stage.

Life Mission

She was talking about our current time in evolution. Reminding us that in the past, at each step in evolution, the creature never knew what the next step would be. Evolution was unconscious, the species did not decide to evolve, it evolved because of biology.

She says that now we are coming to a new era where we are conscious about our evolution. We can create what comes next on purpose. This is how we do it:

In this new era, there is a new kind of attraction between people. In the past we connected  for self preservation (we are safer in numbers) and then, self reproduction. But now it is for self evolution. People are going to be “vocationally attracted.” We are now attracted to others with the same life mission/soul purpose as our own. She encouraged us to connect with others in the group for “vocational dates.” Because it is almost impossible to stay committed to our life purpose if we didn’t have a community that would support it or even co-create it, we need to connect with these vocational partnerships or teams.


Our purpose is creation. The love we share with these partners/teams leads us to co-create (rather than procreate.) She calls this “suprasex.” And what follows is the birth of a new way of being. A new reality. An evolved reality. Conscious evolution. Awakening the Power of our Social Potential.

life mission

For example, this birth can be a project. Two women in our group were hospice nurses and wanted to open a home to give dignity to dying people and their families. They wanted their home to change the paradigm on how we care for people while they die. Their work will be co-creating that baby. And in living that soul mission, they will be changing something that has a ripple effect which can go on and on far beyond the patients, staff, community, and families they will directly serve.

The synergy is that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

John and Barbara were overjoyed to be working together. It was thrilling to watch and be invited into the co-creative space with them. John has a way of setting people on their path with newed or renewed energy. He inspires people the first hour, and they continue to spin and spiral from there, while he watches, reflecting back encouragement and wonder. I have worked with John for a couple of years and we will hopefully create something new in the future. And who knows what might start through this loving, living connection to Barbara. To boot, I connected to some amazing folks who already are shining leaders of the future, especially the brilliant and kind-hearted Kiman.

I was focused on logistical and practical aspects of the workshop, because my purpose there was one of service, so I did not go deep into my own life mission. (It is clear to me everyday, anyway.) But when involved in that kind of propellant energy, one can’t help but to see his or her own next steps a bit clearer, and be invigorated to take them.

I can say so much more about the workshop co-creative event, but I have a day filled with clients and family to give some attention to.

Have you had suprasex? Do you find yourself being attracted to and creating with like minded people? Anyone want to have suprasex with me? 

If you want to know more about me and my journey, I told my story over at The Spirit That Moves Me Blog last week. How Do We Heal? Go take a look!

27 thoughts on “Making Love Your Life Mission”

  1. Hi Jodi,

    Loved to see such energized people along with you. I think their positivity and energy is what pulls up people like us, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. I was blessed to be there at Omega with You and Barbara and John. I am so inspired to get my “but in chair” since I committed to write about my own work; Birthing the New Feminine onto the Planet.
    Thank you for your beautiful presence and support throughout the weekend.

  3. Kathy @ SMART Living

    Hi Jodi….it is awesome seeing a photo of Barbara Marx Hubbard and you! She is an amazing woman and looks as vibrant and alive today as she did about 25 years ago when I first started hearing here speak. Her ideas of vocational arousal, suprasex and waking up to our co-creationary potential have gradually become a way of my thinking. I am also not at all surprised that she is recommending that those of us who have similar backgrounds and consciousness do our best to connect and build from that–so yeah, I’m feeling some vocational attraction with you Jodi 🙂 I follow your page and have befriended you on all the social media…but if there is anything else you think I can help you with to further your personal mission…just ask. Who knows what’s possible until we try! ~Kathy

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Oohh Kathy! I am interested in creating easy, affordable programs for people to access the knowledge of the great masters in digestable ways so that that can easily make the change they want to make. (Video, webinars, workshops, etc.) Have any ideas how to move forward with that? xo

  4. solidgoldcreativity

    Yes, I want to have suprasex with you, Jodi 🙂 Let’s get it on!!

    What is your life mission? I’d like to hear from you and/or hear it again. I think I would hear something newly in it. Thank you xx

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Oh goody! Let’s co-create! My life mission in general is to invite people into higher consciousness. What I’d really love is to teach workshops, teaching people how to heal their heart and the world. My next step is to find a creative team with the same passion. I have big ideas, but it’ll take a group instead of an individual. <3

  5. Of course, I am attracted to others who are encouraged and create from a similar POV. We don’t have to do the same thing, reach the same objective, or even go about it the same, but I am drawn to others like me, who live outside of the typical. Sounds like great weekend, Jodi. It must have been invigorating.
    brenda recently posted..Catch Me if You CanMy Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      “Outside the typical” I am mulling that over and over, and love how it tastes. I have always wanted to be outside the typical. It’s a great place to live from, isn’t it?

  6. Hi Jodi! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to hear more! YES – co-creating, supporting, nurturing each other’s visions and passions! The world needs this! We cannot do it alone!

    I posted your piece on feel to heal on the Barefoot Barn. I am grateful for your words and how beautifully you make it sound so “do-able.” Love to you and I’m glad to be on this journey with you!!!


    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Thanks so much for having me over. I announced it on my blog today, so hopefully you’ll get some stragglers checking it out today! xo

  7. What a beautiful experience. Your generous spirit glows through your writings and photos. I feel a burst of joy in my heart, always so grateful for finding kindred souls. “If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches of the same tree.”
    ~ WB Yeats. Bless you, sister.

  8. such a nice and informative blog about life and i seen there in your picture you have were khanda so are you a sardar ..? lookks good and congrats for nice blog..

  9. Oh, to spend a day with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Sigh. How fortunate you were/are. Barbara’s words, “People are going to be ‘vocationally attracted.’ We are now attracted to others with the same life mission/soul purpose as our own. She encouraged us to connect with others in the group for “vocational dates,” makes so much sense. Through my writing (of visionary fiction)I have met and forged relationships with people from different towns, states, and parts of the world; people I would never have met or known otherwise. Barbara speaks my language! Thank you for the delightful post.

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