Using Your Intuition for Deciding Correctly Every Time

Developing your intuition is not difficult. Like mastering anything in life, it just takes practice. Watch my latest video where I share an oldie but a goodie simple practice to develop your intuition.

You might watch this video and think: This is too simple, I am beyond this! But as we develop our spiritual abilities, we will automatically go deeper, even with the simplest beginning practices. In fact, I have used this same one for decades to hone my intuitive skills. If each time, you explore it with a beginner’s mind, you can go deeper than before.

Don’t you wish you had the answers to all of your questions?

Where does the power of intuition come from?

What is intuition? It is knowing, feeling, hearing, or seeing something when you don’t have an explanation as to why. It is a sensitivity to things beyond what is known and familiar to you. As a sensitive person, I have been able to feel beyond what was accessible to me in my reasoning mind for as long as I can remember. As a therapist, I have used my intuition to step into the matrix of my clients’ experience and help them observe from this larger perspective. Thus, we can discover what to do to help them heal.

Have you been connected to your intuition? How do you use it for daily tasks and big decisions? Would you like a safe space with me to go deeper into developing it? Check out my Activate and Develop your Intuition program.

Using the Power of Intuition for Choosing Correctly Every Time

Most people are clairsentient, which means they perceive more feelings than are experienced with the five standard senses. This can be tricky because one can often have notions without the information about what to do with them. In my course, I help people transform clairsentience to claircognizance so they can take useful action on their hunches. This process can be life-changing, especially if you are a therapist, coach, practitioner or parent and need the bandwidth to help others.

Making Conscious Decisions with Integrity

If you care about the impact you make on the world, then you care about the decisions you make. You want to make them consciously, that is, with integrity. Integrity equals strong moral principles. For me, being integrious is paramount.

Decisions are odd. They empower us, yet the negative voice in our head may still convince us that they are out of control. The lack of trust in oneself invites doubt and thus, question whether we’ll pick the wrong option. Fearing regret, some people stay stuck, or worse, may feel compelled to gain power over others.

This is why it is important to see the empowerment in our choices, it makes us better people.

In my YouTube Live from this week, I speak about how to get this fear out of the way so that you can go forward and make that decision. I share how decisions are actually freeing!

Watch it here:

Go Deeper into Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are like a muscle, you need to exercise it to make it work. In my Develop Your Intuition Course, you get new practices as well as integration exercises each week so that you can dive into the waters of your inner and cosmic wisdom. The course is transmissional, to enhance the growth from the inside and out. It is for therapists, coaches, and practitioners to uplevel their bandwidth and have greater impact on their clients as they help them traverse swiftly where they are now to where they want to be. Get more into or register here: INTUITION COURSE.

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  1. Intuition is one of the most important skills you need to have in order to be successful in business. As an entrepreneur you must have an innate sense of what is good for your business and what isn’t. You must be able to trust yourself above all else, so that you can make the right decisions every time.
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