Express Gratitude! #31daysofgratitude


Get ready! I have a challenge for you that has literally changed people’s lives. You have a few days to plan and create a strategy to join us for this exercise!

Let’s one up the gratitude journal by adding a step that can make 10x greater impact on your life.

Take action being grateful.

Watch this video to find out what we are going to do this month!

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Dear Precious Souls!

December can be so busy and hectic. Take some time to remember the important things in life. People.

The activity of thinking of what you are grateful for works because you are taking action to notice the good things around you. This makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Let’s add another action to improve the impact!

For #31daysofgratitude write a personal thank you to someone. This can be via text, email, comment, or customer feedback form. Challenge yourself to handwrite a note at least once a week during the month!

Then follow me on my new facebook page Jodi Aman where I will share my daily update! Please share what you are doing.

I feel so grateful when I hear how I touched peoples lives.

free anxiety help

As I was preparing this post, I was waiting for something to upload and going through my email and the regular mail. Isn’t life serendipitous? I received two lovely thank you notes.

This first one is from a someone who tested my Anxiety-Free Me! Online Anxiety Recovery Program program.

Finally, I found the help and guidance I’ve so desperately wanted and needed with this program. Jodi has a comprehensive understanding of the experience of anxiety and, therefore, I feel like she really gets me. With this program, I’ve had a perspective shift that is truly empowering. Taking this course has renewed my hope that I can and will take my power back and live free from fear and anxiety. Jodi’s insights, light-heartedness, structure through worksheets (aka playsheets), and talent with guided meditations have made this road to recovery an incredibly productive and rich daily experience.

Your guidance and help have been a gift that I’m very grateful for, Jodi! Happy Thanksgiving!



Then, this came in the mail from our sweet Nikky44.

I think this note must get to you around Thanksgiving, so I want to say how grateful I am for everything you did for me, everything you still do for me and others and everything that you are. You are very special. 

With Lots of Love and Gratitude, 

Big Hug,


They made me feel so good that I want to do that for 31 people!

Happy Soul Message

How do you think you would touch people if you did this?  


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Thank you Jodi for this wonderful idea and this great opportunity to thank people around us and make them feel loved, appreciated and visible. I will certainly do it. I’m already all excited about it.
Thank you Jodi for the love you spread in the world.
Love you

Jodi Aman


You have great energy and take a challenge with gusto! This serves you well. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, I appreciate it and I appreciate you!


Thank you Jodi. I’m enjoying it and your message makes me feel good.

Kathy @ SMART Living

Hi Jodi! Good for you for encouraging people to be grateful and share the thankfulness in their lives. And yes, the ACTION of gratitude is very important. As you know I’ve been doing my own version all month (November) and while challenging, it has so increased my focus on the good in my life. Every day all month I’ve listed the 10 things I’m thankful for that day on my blog FB page….they’re there for anyone to check on me….but it doesn’t really matter WHERE you do it..or what practice you take up…just that you DO. I hope you and all your readers have an awesome experience with YOUR challange AND that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for YOU! ~Kathy

Jodi Aman

I am grateful that there are wonderful people like you making a difference in the world today!

lisa thomson-the great escape

This is a beautiful idea, Jodi! I love it. I will take up the challenge. Thank you for this inspiration to be grateful and express gratitude. 🙂
lisa thomson-the great escape recently posted..Divorce and Birthdays- An Emotional MixMy Profile

Jodi Aman

Thanks, Lisa! Maybe we’ll see some of your writings on your blog! xo

Susan Lucchesi

Thank you for this challenge.. I wrote a note just this week thanking a bank person for helping me wire money 5 minutes before they closed, even though I could tell she wasn’t thrilled! I had all the info she needed and I was out of there in 13 minutes… I let her know how grateful I was and sent a note to her manager as well.. Always great to hear the kudos…thanks for the reminder and I will continue this practice!

Jodi Aman

It means so much to people! Keep up the acknowledgment. I’m sure you made her day!


I’m so thankful for your work, Jodi. Thank you! Carol

Jodi Aman

Thank you, Carol! You are an awesome mom and an awesome person!


This is so great!!! And what’s so funny is before I read your post, I sent a text message to my family saying how much I love them and thanked them haha! Great challenge Jodi I’ll most definitely participate 🙂
Kimberly recently posted..The Most Powerful Tool In Creating Legendary Art!My Profile

Jodi Aman

Kimberly, that is awesome! I love serendipity!


This is another brilliant idea Jodi. Whenever I stop by your site, I feel serenity envelopping me. Your words are so heartwarming.
Thank you for being you, being such a kind and beautiful person. Stay blessed.

Jodi Aman

Thank you Marie and thank you for passing along the message! xoxo

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Laura Zera

I’m a couple of days late in joining, but I will send extra thank-yous to catch up for the first five days of this month. I love this idea, and I hope that it sticks with me long after December.
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Totally Caroline

What a wonderful thing to do. I read in the book called the Secret, that when you show gratitude, you attract beautiful things into your life. Its so important to appreciate the things, people and experiences that we have, because life changes, and the things that we enjoy today might not exist tomorrow. It would be a shame if we dont stop to appreciate them.
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suman joshi

I am grateful that there are wonderful people like you making a difference in the world today!

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