My Therapist Hot Takes – The Therapist Mom Show World Premier (Ep. 1)

My Therapist Hot Takes

Anxiety is not a mental illness

Anxiety comes with the context of other problems. It is a regular human reaction to our world, but you don’t have to stay there. You can teach yourself to feel better by overriding your anxious thoughts with your mammalian brain.

Therapists are often wrong

Therapist are human and make mistakes. Therapy can be life changing but also can cause pain when the therapist is off track. Don’t let one person who was not good keep you away from this resource. There are infinite ways to heal, this is just one tool. But it can be a very effective one.

Codependence is a good thing

Humans are socail beings and are meant to depend on each other. Valuing radical independence hurts us.

People are mean to you because they don’t like you

They are mean becuase they don’t like themselves.

Anxiety is not a life sentence

There are four reasons why anxiety stays. Watch this old video for the details:

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