Sleep Anxiety Meditations – YouTube Videos to Help You Rest

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients all over the world is this: “I can’t get to sleep!” Insomnia is a huge problem in modern life and we all know that almost nothing is more important to our general well-being than a good night’s rest.

So one of the tools I recommend to my clients is sleep anxiety meditations. And luckily, YouTube is full of them! For this post, I have gone ahead and selected what I feel are the best of the best.

Sleep anxiety meditations are designed to calm you down, strip you of the day’s worries, and transport you into a relaxed state so you can get the rest you need.

Enjoy <3

The Honest Guys: Guided Sleep Meditation. Ultimate Deep Relaxation Sleep Talk Down. Healing for Insomnia

The Honest Guys offer some great sleep anxiety meditations. This one is a talk down to help relieve issues related to insomnia.

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton – SIMPLY STRAIGHT TO SLEEP NOW A guided meditation to help you fall asleep now

Lauren’s voice is soothing and soft as she guides you to a deeper state of chill, allowing you breathing to soften and your mind to still.

Jason Stephenson – Before Sleep | Beginners Spoken Guided Meditation

Jason has an incredible library of sleep anxiety meditations on his YouTube channel, including LIVE recordings of nature sounds! This meditation is great for beginners and is a good introduction to the chakras (energy centers of the body).

Jaime Drumm – Guided Meditation For Sleep And Anxiety | Thunderstorm & Rain

Jaimie offers guided meditations, nature sound, and sleep music to help reduce your anxiety and induce a restful sleep.

Lina Grace – Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia (Sleep, Relaxation, Calm your Mind)

Let Lina’s soft, angelic voice help you leave your busy day behind and welcome a deep, relaxing sleep in this guided sleep meditation.

Depression to Expression – Guided Meditation Before Sleep: Let Go of the Day

Scott’s channel offers lots of resources for mental health including some great guided meditations. This one, in particular, is designed to guide you through three amazing things that happened during the day so you can enter rest with a smile on your face.

Liberation in Mind – FREE Can’t Sleep-Insomnia Relief Hypnosis

Paul’s YouTube channel is a great place to access free sleep anxiety meditations. This one uses hypnosis to help calm you down so you can sleep better.

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I hope that at least one of these meditations helps you get the sleep you need. And kudos to you for taking this step in self-care. A good night’s rest is vital for optimal health and well-being- emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What are some of your favorite sleep anxiety meditations? Share with me!

9 thoughts on “Sleep Anxiety Meditations – YouTube Videos to Help You Rest”

  1. My best sleep meditation is prayer. I know everyone is not religious, but if you are, praying way all your worries until you fall asleep is the best thing I have ever came across.

    If you don’t pray, then the other method I use it thinking about the good in your day, week, or something that has made you happy recently. Focus on that and what you may do with it next. Was it something that you can do again? Then think about when you can do it next. All these thoughts are relaxing, thus leading to sleep.

  2. Quality Noots (Angelo)

    great article, very informative.

    I agree with Aaron above, a prayer before sleep is always good and saying thanks for the day.

    But physically i have found i shouldn’t be that tired and not try to sleep late works fine sometimes.

    however on those days that it won’t go easy i will fr sure try your meditations.

  3. My first step was to develop a bedtime routine. Your body needs time to wind down from the day. My routine includes a shower, a little time writing in my journal and writing my to do list for the next day.Sometimes, even after my bedtime routine is complete, I still need to quiet my brain. I’ve found that books do this.

  4. Sleep music directly affects the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to relax and prepare the body for sleep. Elderly people who listen to soothing music for 45 minutes before bed fall asleep faster, sleep longer, wake up less at night,

  5. Music has the potential to powerfully change our state of mind from mood enhancement and relaxation to full-blown oneness with the universe. Meditation reduces the cortisol stress hormone, allows us to sleep better

  6. Thank you, Dr. Jodi, for sharing these valuable resources for dealing with insomnia and sleep anxiety. Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being, and these meditations can be a game-changer for those struggling to get a good night’s rest. Your insights are truly appreciated!

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