Find your purpose for 2015 this Winter Solstice

It’s time to find your purpose.

Welcome to the Winter Solstice!

This is a perfect time to reflect on your life, and renew your commitments find your purpose.

Think about: What is working and what is not working?

How are you going to serve yourself and the world this coming year?

Watch the video for what and why to find your purpose and then when you are ready listen to the guided meditation below.

How to Find Your Purpose – During Winter Solstice

Guided meditation: What is my life purpose?

This is a guided meditation for the Winter Solstice to help you get you marching orders for the year ahead. It will help you appreciate yourself and find guidance in your life when you need it.

Get cozy under your Christmas tree or with your menorah or some candles and listen to this guided meditation.

You will ask your higher wisdom:

What do you appreciate about me?

What are the next steps in my healing journey?

How am I going to serve myself and the world around me this year?

How will you support, love and guide me? 

Then you’ll receive a special present. EnJOY! Get more guided meditations here.


What are your marching orders for the new year?

12 thoughts on “Find your purpose for 2015 this Winter Solstice”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the guided meditation! Such a lovely gift!
    I really wish that you would include a direct to FB share button, as there have been MANY of your videos that I would love to share on FB directly. Your followers would rock the numbers that way Jodi and you produce so much that needs so badly to be heard!
    Merry Christmas to you my friend. May you have Peace.

    1. Thanks you Chris, FB stopped its share button a few years ago. Doesn’t that stink? Thank you so much. Do you follow me on FB? then if you see if on there you can share from there which is even better for me since when people share, they tend to show it to more of my fans!:) Also you can grab the url from the browser and pop it into your status. It is more work. You are so sweet and kind to want to spread the word about me! It is an honor for me!

  2. This is a perfect time to reflect on your life. I always take time to reflect on my life, many times a year, but it’s true that Christmas time, New year’s, easter, areall opportunities that encourages me to do it more.
    What is working and what is not working? I don’t usually ask this question because I consider the answer relative. Everything can be both because the change is constant. What is not working can be at least better than it was and what was working can stop working at this point. The question I ask myself everytime is what is the lesson I,m supposed to learn now. I do’t look at past lessons. I take the emotion of the moment and reflect on the lesson this particular emotion is supposed to teach me. So if i do the exercise every night, i might have different answers every night.
    How are you going to serve yourself and the world this coming year? By continuing to be the same, by trying not to change with one difference which is to stop trying to explain who i am and why i do whatever i do.

  3. Thank you for the meditation Jodi. It’s just perfect to end 2014 and welcome the new year. I found solace in it, after tough days around Christmas.
    Stay well always

  4. I noticed that the winter solstice is conjoined with the dark moon this year. I was reading about how rare it is for the full moon to be conjoined with the solstice but is the dark moon just as rare? This joins a very short duration of light to an extra dark night.

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