Way Out There! Or is It?

There may be a common belief that energy healers is “way out there”. Such was expressed to me recently.

“Jodi, some of that stuff is a bit out there.”

Is it way out there?

I have to disagree. There is so much elemental healing symbols in mainstream today. This is not surprising as we all have come from indigenous cultures at some point in our history. These actions have stood the test of time, or have come back as fads. But they are not new at all. They are from a time when we were all more connected to the natural world. Maybe this is what attracts us to them so much. These are just some quick examples:.

Way Out There

Music for example. We pick music to go along with our mood, or we pick it to change our mood. It inspires, entertains, lifts us up or brings us down. Shifting us in some way.

Decorating a kitchen table with flowers and candles creates meaning and significance. Decorating your house with meaningful trinkets is a statement of what is important to you. As well as wearing a symbol of your belief around your neck.

Also, eating disorder and other mental health treatment facilities across the country have constructed labyrinths for walking meditations. They also do rituals like writing unhelpful beliefs on a rock and throwing it into the lake to symbolize getting rid of it.

Catholic mass uses incense the same way other cultures use smudging.

Friends is not way out there

In an old Friends episode, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica burned their ex-boyfriends things as a symbol of letting go and moving on.

In spas all over the world, they use earth – mud and rocks- to release toxins from the body. Whereas in a sauna, people sweat out their toxins, much like a sweat lodge.

Drinking chamomile tea to relax us or smooth move to help us, well, move.

Definitional ceremonies, to which we invite many of our friends and family to witness, like graduations, weddings, religious and or cultural coming of age celebrations are all rituals. The ritual celebrate and prepare us to help sustain for the commitment we are making.

These rituals are just ways of putting meaning behind one’s commitment, because the more powerful the meaning, the greater the commitment it supports.

We’ve all done these things, and gotten something out of them. Not too far out there is it?

Think of any more examples? This list is nowhere near exhaustive! Please add more!

4 thoughts on “Way Out There! Or is It?”

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      I know honey, the darkness is so heavy right now, keep planning, knowing that it cannot last and everything changes. Love in the meantime, Jodi

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