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Interview withJulia Leahy from More Pesto Please

2:8 Interview with Julia Leahy from @morepestoplease on TikTok

This BONUS episode is an interview of Julia Leahy from @morepestorplease on Tiktok. Julia, who has over 1 million people following her hysterical antidotal videos as she observes life, gets candid about her own experience as a Gen Z-er and speaks about the anxiety and turmoil of her peers after the COVID pandemic. Follow Julia …

2:8 Interview with Julia Leahy from @morepestoplease on TikTok Read More »

Anxiety...I'm So Done with You! Podcast

Jodi Aman, LCSW | Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Mentor

After 25 years of clinical experience, I feel deep resonance and empathy for the complexities of others’ pain and am compelled to stand against the context of injustice that causes it. Using this keen understanding of how and why people suffer, my unique and varied training, rooted ethics, as well as decades being a trauma-informed psychotherapist, I help sensitive souls release what they don't want, recover their energetic bandwidth, and grok a socially conscious life of overflowing joy. More about me.


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