Decade-in-Review, Year-in-Review

When you are so busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is not easy to find time to do a year in review, let alone a DECADE-IN-REVIEW! But because it is important to me to be consciously moving ahead with what is most precious to me — without getting too sidetracked with a million shiny distractions — I make it a priority.


So, why do a decade-in-review when you want to focus on moving forward into 2020?

  1. As we are the sum of our experiences, unprocessed experiences can get in our way. This is a good time to see what is still hanging onto you, that you wish wasn’t. And finally, let that junk go!
  2. We build confidence when we get clear on what we accomplished. Day-to-day, we are so focused on what we have to do next, and beating ourselves up because it’s not done yet, that we barely ever stop and appreciate our accomplishments. Sit and list them out!
  3. See what worked. Get clear and aware of what you enjoyed, gained and reveled in, in the last ten years. How can you make sure you get more of that?
  4. See what didn’t work. Instead of bemoaning your mistakes, gather the information they can provide future you. Learning from mistakes helps me feel less out of control about making them.
  5. Contemplate relationships. How are they going, how would you like them to go? Are you spending time with people that you want to create your future around?

How to do a Decade-in-Review

I use the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Smarty! I get out my journal and a pen. Then, I light a candle, set an intention and offer a prayer. Finally, I answer these three questions:

  1. What did I like about the last ten years?

I took out my old family calendars to see what I have been up to in the tens. It’s helpful to get as specific as I can about what I liked during my decade in review. so I can gather the momentum and joy of those happy and proud moments.

Since my kids are still young, mommy-ing filled a lot of this decade. I liked being a mom.

Also, I published 4 books, started a YouTube channel, and began speaking to large groups of people instead of only being in my therapy room all day with one person at a time. This was challenging but really fun, and through it, I have met so many people.

2. What did I learn?

I am a student of life. I am always learning about something new to keep me feeling young and engaged in life. This past year, I have been astrology and epigenetics! You can check out my about page to see what else I have studied this decade.

In my journal Decade-in-Review exercise, I could have listed so many specific things, but this felt tedious, and not particularly helpful to me. So, I focused on how I changed as a person. The word patient came to mind. I am a lot more patient, and less judgmental than I was in my 30s. Back then, I thought I had to know a lot. What has helped me be more patient and less judgmental is having honed my skills in seeing the big-picture view, and developing my intuition. Now, I don’t need to ask many questions, that was my ego trying to get in control of the world. I trust the world a bit more and feel like answers will come when I need them.

3. What do I want more of?

This is a biggie. To listen better, have more fun, feel balanced and organized. Spend time with friends. Share more. Clear clutter. Buy less. Take care of my body, mind, and soul, with movement, nourishment, and daily spiritual practice.

Learn. I’ve already stated course in dream healing, the Omega Codex, human design, polyvagal theory, and repairing DNA. It probably won’t stop there, because I’m more me than I’ve ever been! And, I am on a life-long quest to figure out near ways to reach people who seem unreachable.

Last but not least. I want MORE opportunities to leave people a little bit better than I found them. This means that I have to spend less time behind a computer and more time WITH PEOPLE!

How about you? Once you do your decade in review, share with us what your intentions are and we will put our energy behind it!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Decade-in-Review, Year-in-Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this decade in review model. Appreciate it very much and what you are doing. All the very best to you for 2020.

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