Trauma Recovery and Anxiety with Athena Moberg

anxiety and TraumaAnxiety and trauma aren’t a life sentence of pain and suffering

Today I am pleased to share an interview with a dear friend, Athena Moberg, co-founder of  Trauma Recovery University, when she talks about self-love, anxiety and recovery from childhood sexual abuse.

Trauma Recovery University is hands-down the most heart-centered, relevant, and comprehensive resource that there is for people who’ve survived sexual abuse. There is a weekly live Q and A show on YouTube, coaching programs, three times- a-week free twitter chats using the hashtag #CSAQT and Facebook communities for people who need support on the road to recovery.

As a survivor herself, Athena knows exactly what the steps of recovery look and feel like. She knows how hard it is and how worth it is it to free yourself from the torment and effects of your past. People who have had trauma in their life walk away from her communities knowing that there is life after trauma and feeling more hopeful than they have in years!

She is truly the goddess like her namesake. I love her and I know you will too. So without further ado, I give you Athena.

Hope for Trauma Recovery

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You CAN recovery from Trauma and Anxiety

trauma recovery“Me, too.” says Athena Moberg. “You are not alone. I understand.”

Not feeling alone is one of the most important things to help someone heal. You are more loved than you see when you are feeling so bad in your mind. It is important to get out of your head and start to connect with other people to stop this.

Find Athena Moberg around the web: YouTube: Trauma Recover Univerity. Tweet her @AthenaMoberg or @TraumaRecoveryU. Website is Facebook Trauma Recovery University. 
Get her book “Yes You CAN” on Amazon.

If you were no longer suffering, what would you do?


2 thoughts on “Trauma Recovery and Anxiety with Athena Moberg”

  1. marchelle foglesong

    I’m SUFFERING in thus dark place of depresion,anxiety an ptsd. There days on end I just weep. My eyes hurt to much. Having trouble breathing , eayting, an thinking, can’t even talk very well? I’m taking meds for this BS. Can’t say it helps much…but I don’t want to go on more Pyc
    Meds! I need magic. I have to take care of my adult DD. an Schizophrenic son 24seven. And in a bad relationship. Extra. .ext.ext. I’m a real mess anymore. I hate me.

    1. Marchelle,
      Sometimes life seems like there is no way out of the misery. But there is a way out, you just have to decide you deserve to find it. And I think you do. Hating yourself is just another obstacle. Care about yourself enough to get away fom the bad relationship and then you can see clearly and start changing the other things that are not working. Movement, doing some kind of problem solving is the answer out!


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