How to Cure Anxiety Because Enough is Enough

I’m spreading the word on “How to Cure Anxiety” with my new book! Buy-You 1 Anxiety 0

I can cure anxiety, because I’ve cured myself from anxiety. I know the way out, and I’m here to show you.

This guy’s walking down the street when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep he can’t get out.

A doctor passes by and the guy shouts up, “Hey, you! Can you help me out?” The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on.

Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, “Father, I’m down in this hole. Can you help me out?” The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down the hole and moves on

Then a friend walks by. “Hey, Joe, it’s me. Can you help me out?” And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, “Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here.” 

The friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.”

~Aaron Sorkin

Why suffer with anxiety when you can cure anxiety?

I’ve been where you are. I understand. Let me show you how. Let me help you beat this thing we call anxiety and come out on top!

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You deserve to feel better, happy and more at peace.

I wrote this book to give you hope. Anxiety is not a life sentence. You can cure anxiety. Meaning – you wilxno longer have anxiety! You can win your freedom back. I believe in you. I’ve been there and I got myself free. Now I want to show you how.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon: You 1 Anxiety 0.

You might want to read a bit more about it.

“Sorry Anxiety, You Lose!”

Anxiety doesn’t play fair. It antagonizes you, lies to you. It steals away the best parts of you. Don’t let it keep cheating you out of happiness! You are too important. 

In You 1, Anxiety 0, Jodi Aman highlights the ways anxiety manipulates and entraps us, and the precise tools we can use to see through anxiety’s mind tricks and break free from the prison of fear, stress and doubt.

All bets are off. It’s time for you. Anxiety is curable. Even if you’ve had it forever. If therapy hasn’t worked. Even if you feel hopeless.

Aman has been a therapist for twenty years, treating people with anxiety, but she harbored a secret. She was debilitated by anxiety, herself. Now she shows you the exact ways anxiety manipulates and entraps you, and the precise tools you can use to see through anxiety’s mind tricks and break free from the prison of fear, stress and doubt. In this refreshing approach to healing anxiety, Aman explains why everything you have tried up until now hasn’t worked, and tells you practical steps you can take today to make a huge impact on your healing journey. 

This book speaks to why you suffer from anxiety, exposes the tricks anxiety uses to get power, and shares the skills you need to empower yourself and retrain your brain.

Listen to what people are saying…

You 1, Anxiety 0: Win your life back from fear and panic reviews

“Because of several difficult experiences in my childhood, anxiety and depression have been lifelong companions. I have tried a lot of different strategies to deal with them, including therapy and both prescribed medication and self-medicating. This book has helped me a lot. During the course of reading it I was weaning myself off of my antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications again under doctor supervision- I’d tried before and failed.

But reading her book right at this time helped me tremendously. I have been off of all medication for nearly 5 months now and keep returning to this book rather than my doctor when I come up against something that brings up those old feelings again.

I’m not going to say I am forever cured of anxiety and depression, I’m not sure that is ever true for anyone who has struggled with them. There is always the potential for something in life to trigger those thoughts and feelings. But this book has really helped me through some difficult times that I think in the past would have sent me back to my pills. I’m exercising more, reading more. I’m listening to audio books and learning new things daily. And I am writing more than I have ever written in my life right now. Thank you, Jodi for this book and for the great work that you are doing.” ~Jen T., reader review from 

I want you to know you can cure anxiety

“Author Jodi Aman knows Anxiety well. She knows where it lives, where it works, what it does for fun and what it likes to order at Mexican restaurants. You 1 Anxiety 0 is her toolkit derived from 20 years of successfully treating clents with anxiety and having had severe anxiety herself.

In this book Aman, first starts by convincing you that you do deserve to feel better and that victory over anxiety is attainable because you have more power to change things than you think you do. She then dissects this huge Anxiety monster into bite-sized pieces.

I loved the beginning–warm, comforting and tension relieving like shoulder rub. The middle–where she calls out Anxiety on its mind games and dirty tricks–was hard to read because it hit so close to home. It’s awkward to see some of your own (irrational) thoughts in print. You will undoubtedly see yourself on some of these pages and you might squirm a little. That’s a good thing.

It isn’t easy or comfortable to stare Anxiety in the eye, but Aman guides you through the process with warmth, humor, and compassion. The Marie Curie quote “nothing in life is to be feared, only understood” heads one of the chapters but it also summarizes the book. Aman helps you understand anxiety from every possible angle so that you can no longer be afraid.

I would recommend this book to anyone struggling- a lot or a little- with anxiety. It really puts the tools in your hands to tame the beast. Most importantly, it gives you the assurance that it’s even possible to do so. This is a book to read, re-read, and keep as a resource.”~Andrea Riley reader review on 

What will you do when you cure anxiety? 


6 thoughts on “How to Cure Anxiety Because Enough is Enough”

  1. You should definitely do an audio book! I am looking forward to reading my copy of the ebook, but I also love hearing your tips in your own voice. It’s so encouraging and heartfelt and such a safe feeling (sorry if that sounds weird. Hopefully you know what I mean. haha). Your videos and webinars always make me feel like I’m hearing wisdom from a big sister.

    1. Thanks Jenna for all of your kind words! I’m so glad you feel safe! The audio book is in the works. It’s all recorded, but it takes about 4-6 weeks to edit. We are about half way through! Can’t wait to have that for you! xoxo

  2. Anxiety is such an overwhelming emotion and can honestly be so exhausting. It’s really important that you find a way to manage your anxiety before it begins to take control of your life. There are tons of options for treating your anxiety, and it’s always a good idea to try and figure out what can help ease your symptoms! Thanks so much for sharing! Nice work!

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