Healing Is A Shift In Perspective

Healing is not scary. It is a process of changing perspective.

Truth by definition is absolute. It is definitive. It is what it is and that is it. I have come to believe that not much is true in the literal sense. What we think of as truths are most often just idea or perception. It is unfortunate that many of our negative beliefs have a truth status in our minds…

If you think, “I can’t do anything right.” You believe it down to your toes. And healing is not going to happen if you believe that.

healing is anxiety treatment

That you can’t do anything right is just an idea- something that I KNOW is not true by the way because I’m certain there are things you do right. You couldn’t have come to this age you are not without doing something right.

Your negative thoughts about yourself? They are just ideas. Truths cannot change but ideas can. Healing is what happens when you change these beliefs. 

Healing is a shift in perspective

You are the only one who can say what the ideas mean. And there are more than one choice in meanings. Meanings are relative.

When we allow beliefs to be considered truths, they can limit us and hurt us. Watch my video from my Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog and 1) learn how they are beliefs and, 2) learn how to change them!

Healing is a shift in perspective. Beliefs can change.


Healing is breaking down beliefs that don’t work and putting in beliefs that do work. Like listing out what skills you do have and what you do do right. We can put our energy and attention on that and then, healing is possible.

What do you believe is true?

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7 thoughts on “Healing Is A Shift In Perspective”

  1. Hi Jodi,

    When you believe that shift will never happen or don’t believe people if they say good things about you…hard cycle to break after 42 years. -:(

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Hard with those beliefs, I will give you that, but know they are not true, just beliefs. 🙂 Shifts can happen at any stage (or age). Break the cycle like your life depends on it! <3

  2. Well summed up jodi! Beliefs evolve within oneself by self experiences. Sometimes they are just miracles. No matter how good something is,if we don’t believe nothing gonna falling our way!!!

  3. Hi Jodi
    I love the idea of re-framing “Reality” with “ideas” which are changeable! We talk about that lot over at my blog – come over today and see the reality-shifting topic of today!
    I’m adding this blog to my Feedly!

  4. Jodi, your insights are truly eye-opening. It’s easy to get lost in negative beliefs, but your reminder that they’re just ideas opens up a path to healing. Thank you for emphasizing the power of perspective and the potential for change.

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