Why Does Anxiety Come Out of The Blue?

Why, oh why, does this happen?  Anxiety comes out of the blue!  You are going along just fine, and bam! Anxiety comes out of the blue. Your heart is racing and it’s hard to breathe. You look around, pace, and search for something to stop it. “I must really be crazy!” you think. “There is no reason for me to feel this way.”

anxiety comes out of the blue

Anxiety comes completely out of the blue.


That good-for-nothing anxiety has you all up in arms. Tied in a knot. Fumbling and immobilized. Discombobulated. Turned so far upside down, you don’t even know what hit you.

I used to think I was totally losing touch with reality when this happened to me. It was out of control, having no warning like this. I blamed myself and felt like there was nothing I could do to change it. I was in a no-win situation.

Thank God I figured out what was going on so I could stop thinking that I was insane in the membrane! I can’t wait to tell you about it so it can soothe your heart and mind, too.

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Why Anxiety Comes Out of The Blue


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There goes your mind again.

I don’t think I can do this. I hate this feeling. Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I feel better? Nobody understands. Everyone is happy, but me.

Sound familiar?

There have been some days, some months, and even some entire years that my mind has been under the barrage of these kinds of thoughts. Constantly. They had me feeling totally out of control and powerless.

I remember one of these times in my life was the summer that I was 28 years old. I’d be in bed every chance I got with the covers over my head trying to escape from the world that left me so anxious and terrified. I was having panic attacks daily that started about 5 o’clock each night. They left me overwhelmed, weary, and exhausted the rest of the day.

I dreaded being with people. (I didn’t even like to be with myself.) One time we had a party planned at our house and I had to leave because I was too humiliated to face my friends feeling that out of control. I was so totally embarrassed that even now I find it hard to write about.

In desperation, I tried EVERYTHING to help myself feel better. But I kept suffering.

And then I figured out why.

Are you struggling with anxiety? 

10 thoughts on “Why Does Anxiety Come Out of The Blue?”

  1. This is great. I want to talk to you to explain to you my problems so that you can help me. Send me an email if you can. You are a genius!

  2. I appreciate your video and advise. I can’t wait to come back for counseling. My daughters and I really learned some self help breathing techniques with you.

  3. I’ve had some really bad postpartum anxiety. Thank you for these suggestions! Counseling has been so helpful to me. I feel like I have more control over my anxiety now.

  4. Thank you so much for this information. So many have just said go get some meds for your anxiety and I think to myself “why” ? I was ok 5 days ago. Once again Thank you.

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