My Ego Likes To Snowball: Five telltale signs that your ego is hurting you

Is your ego hurting you? Egos are funny son’s of b—-es. In great effort to protect themselves (ourselves) our ego, causes tons of suffering.  It seems ridiculous to make ourselves suffer in the guise of protecting ourselves, but we do it every day.  It’s not funny.

Your ego does this every day

Are you wondering why we would do this?  I do.  No, it doesn’t mean we are stupid.  We just learned a long time ago that this was the right way to do it. But as it turns out, that may not be true.

Am I good enough
Click to watch Why you are afraid of other people judging you.

Here are five telltale signs your ego might be causing more problems than it’s protecting:

1. You think some healing modalities are stupid and definitely won’t work for you even though you haven’t tried them. Our ego wants to keep the status quo. It would do anything to prevent you from changing.

2. You think change is a bad thing, or “hard for you.”  Change is constantly happening, we do just fine.  There no big mystery “unknown” to be scared of. No need to wonder how you will handle it.  You have the same abilities you had a moment ago plus more you’ve gained more since.  No problem.

3. You close your heart, or avoid a relationship. Ok, this is stupid.  You are not stupid, but this is.  Always chose connection. It is only in connection we heal. This doesn’t mean be available to people who can hurt you. No. This means be available to people who can love you.

4. You want to be alone when you are depressed.  See number 3.

5. You feel really bad and then judge yourself intensely for this “weakness.” It is a double whammy. The ego doesn’t want to feel bad so it makes itself feel worse. Who thought of this? Not a good idea.

Do you have any of these telltale signs your ego is hurting you?

21 thoughts on “My Ego Likes To Snowball: Five telltale signs that your ego is hurting you”

  1. The five points used to perfectly apply to me. It still does sometimes, but with the love i am receiving, it disappears very fast.
    “This doesn’t mean be available to people who can hurt you. No. ”
    I think this is a reply to my latest post 🙂
    Love you <3
    nikky44 recently posted..That’s Nothing…My Profile

      1. When I see that different persons could identify with number 4, I first also thought I want to be “left alone” when depressed, but that is completely the opposite of the truth. We don’t like to be alone, but we need to be with someone who is present in the moment with us, and not everyone can do that, live the moment with us. Many people are scared or just don’t like to get close when someone is feeling down, so it’s not about us who like isolation. I am sure that anyone feeling down has deep down inside the wish for someone to come and share the moment.
        nikky44 recently posted..If I blink, I will be punishedMy Profile

  2. Jodi, there’s a #6: Even though you have all five of the telltale signs, none of them apply to you because you are unique or there are special circumstances that explain them.

  3. Hi Jodi, Sorry iit’s taken me so long to stop by, but I’ve been away. Now, change is an issue near and dear to me, for I have come to realize that most of the world’s problems come from a resistance to change. If we all embraced change we wouldn’t have so many disagreements, gay marriage being a prime example. I know in my heart that gay marriage will be legal in all states, but this change will continue to occur slowly, so long as there are those who resist it. A lot of the things we fight about today, will be moot, will be resolved tomorrow. And of course, tomorrow we’ll find new things to resist and fight about. But, one thing I know, you cannot stop progress. And progress = change!

    Re #3: guilty as charged. I am the great avoider!
    Monica recently posted..Readers Pick!My Profile

  4. Jodi, life has taught me that whenever I have felt hurt, rejected, or ignored, ego has gotten in the way. When we allow ego to take center stage, we are more likely to think the actions of others are meant to demean or belittle us. I have learned to give ego its place, but not to let it think it’s the reigning star of the show. If someone looks at me with indifference or their voice has an edge when they reply, I think, this person must be having a hard day. Suddenly, it’s not about me as much as it is about accepting that not everything has to cause my self confidence to plummet. I shall definitely keep these five telltale signs in mind and add them to my list! We must stay vigilant, chica! 🙂
    Bella recently posted..WordPress, why did you add that annoying checkmark?My Profile

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Sometime I do let it run the show and I regret it so much as it hurts people. And hurts me, it is a lose, lose situation! Yes, we must stay vigilant!

  5. I’m guilty of number 4. When I’m sad or depressed, I just want to be alone and cry. Part of me feels I have to get that out before I can face people again. I guess if I followed that up by talking to people, it might be effective, but usually that doesn’t happen. 🙁
    Kelly Hashway recently posted..What Color Are His Eyes?My Profile

  6. So very true about the Ego Jodi! Number 4 talks to me and I struggle showing my weaknesses, I have a hard time saying I am not well or I need help. Actually it is the strongest battle I have with my Ego for many years.
    Thank you for remembering to me I should watch this even closer. Take care.

    1. Jodi Lobozzo Aman

      Marie, you can connect and maybe do to something else beside a human if this feels better, a pet, a tree, a feather, spirit. Divine is in everything, so everything is connected!

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